1 million. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Now Secured

A month after the revocation of the Galaxy Note 7 is 1 million. Out of the 2.5 million. failed copies now been exchanged to ensure editions.

One month: so long there was to go before the first million copies of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was swapped. It writes our site.

Back to the 2. September had the Samsung revoke all 2.5 million copies sold of the Galaxy Note 7, because the built-in battery was short-circuited, overheated and ignited himself in-at that time-35 cases. The figure was in the middle of September increased to whole 92 events -alone in the United States.

Therefore, Samsung has also tried very hard to get consumers to return and get swapped their copies of Note 7, inter alia. by forcing the software updates, which reduces the battery’s capacity to 60% and by sending notifications that the device should be switched off immediately and returned.

Not everyone has yet followed the advice be seen it so clearly from the new figures. To 1 million. ensure Galaxy Note 7 devices now is out on the market does not, however, necessarily, to 1 million. copies have been handed back to Samsung and the many dealers. 150,000 of the secure versions are, in fact, been sold in China, where Samsung’s second subcontractor of batteries have not had problems.

In Europe, it is at the same time, 90% of the owners of a Note 7, who choose to get a new, secure Note 7, while 3% choose to get another Samsung model. Thus, there must be presumed to be exchanged little more than 850,000 remaining copies, and in other words, there is still a long way to go for Samsung, before all 2.5 mio. copies are secured.

Samsung can even indicate that 57% of all copies sold in Europe have been exchanged, while the figure is slightly higher at 60% in the United States. Samsung expects the Galaxy Note 7 is ready to launch again the 28. October- a date that also seems very likely in Denmark.