10 Tips for Buying a Down Jacket

Yes, I know, everybody wears Parka. But I’m not the world. When I wear parka, then the original M-51, but it has no lining. My red function winter jacket (Betty Barclay) of 2013 has unfortunately recently failed the first real rain test and went a complaint back. * Since wool coats are not always wind fit on the lake and the Hamburg weather, I then wanted to buy with the money a new down coat , The red jacket had a long down jacket as a predecessor that I liked very much.

Especially with down coats, the fond memories of a Michelin man, is are fit and cut very important. Is incomprehensible to me why no short and long sizes are offered in stationary retail, because it is precisely in coats sitting waist height and sleeve length are elementary. For Peter Hahn presents Fuchs & Schmitt some models exclusively at least in short sizes ago. The obvious question is, why not also in long sizes. Could be due to the older clientele that is rather less than very long?

What’s bugging me that I get now Advertising Peter Hahn reappears on all sites at the edge … should I block times … I digress … Let us. Back to the reasons why I chose exactly this coat Who but I is built – that has a long torso or is petite can, the tips just to the opposite conclusion and looking for a counter-model.

10 Tips on buying a short down jacket on Mensjacketsstore

  1. The longitudinal stress the seams stretched.
  2. The different quilting the upper body is divided vertically and so can the lush Chest act narrower. The concealed placket supports this action.
  3. The A-shape makes a narrow optical center and allows large steps. That the shoulder width suits my natural shoulders, is also figure-flattering.
  4. Although the zipper is only one way, but does not go all the way to the end Jack and also allows closed huge steps and seating comfort. Concealed snaps can be closed quickly and dense in addition to wind.
  5. The total length of the sheath stop at a narrow point in my legs. Long enough to warm – short enough so as not to sink into it.
  6. The bags are used vertically without flaps or other adornments, they disappear into the seams. Kuscheliges pocket lining keeps hands warm. An inside pocket there is even still.
  7. Zippers and buttons are subtly dark and so adapt all metal colors in accessories to.
  8. In the collar a thin hood that can be folded against rain or strong wind hidden. The collar still remains warm even when the hood is expanded. Since I always wear a hat or cap in the winter, I do not need warming hood, there goes the light. The double collar goes pretty far and have an optimum width forwith-and-without
  9. The sleeve length is perfect for a warm coat. The outer fabric is also applicable sewn even in the inner part of the sleeves, the sleeves can be carded once outward easily, if you want to wear it shorter, and it still acts completely.
  10. The jacket is so light that it can be felt when wearing barely.


It should be khaki … for me it’s a warm, dark brown color – the perfect autumn Color. I am not one of those who wear only dark things in winter.

In this case, the found, because the mix of fit / size / color in size 23 has little choice in January and I wanted to take no sensitive bright color in the amount. With a bright red scarf or to it then acts not so gloomy.

This addition may of course in the January Collage for Fashion 2015. You still looking for a winter coat on sale? Then this advice takes into account! Your are already thinking about next spring? Then just look again the 10 tips on buying a trench coat on!