10 Tips on WhatsApp You Might Not Know!

WhatsApp became the application that all other chat applications want to copy. It is guaranteed that most chat applications will end up copying the WhatsApp at some point. Knowing some secrets and tips will enable you use WhatsApp all these in-depth applications and using every resource they have to offer the most.

How to Remove Viewing Messages on Whatsapp?

Sometimes, you just have time look quickly a message, hoping to have a little time to formulate a response. Ideally, the person even knowing that you have read the message, so you can take your time to answer it. To remove the notification message read on WhatsApp, go to settings-> tell > privacy and disable the read receipts.

Connect Your Whatsapp to Your Number

Get a new SIM card, there’s no need to have the hassle to register the new number appended to YES and restart the WhatsApp. Just continue using WhatsApp to your regular number. When you put your new SIM card and activate WhatsApp, you will be prompted by messages to register the new number. But this will mess up your contact list. Just ignore the window or cancel, and your WhatsApp should work connected to his former number, to use their new chip data YES. Is the way to use the same WhatsApp to change his cell phone number.

Create Groups on Whatsapp

If you have a generic announcement to make, as an invitation to a weekend barbecue or a meeting in your home, simply create a group on WhatsApp and invite only the people that really matter. You must click the icon group creation/new group or to add contacts to a group, give it a name and icon to your group and start sharing the information. If you want something more private, sending a single message for each person, simply click the new transmission.

How to Backup the Messages of Whatsapp?

Worried about losing your WhatsApp messages? You can save your WhatsApp history easily by clicking Settings-> Chat/Chat-> Back up/Backup chats conversations. Simple as that.

Shortcuts to Talk and Chats on Whatsapp

If there are certain people you chat with most frequently, it might be a good idea to create a shortcut to them directly on your home screen so you don’t have to keep opening and closing the WhatsApp. Touch and hold the chat (group or individual) of your choice and a tab will appear. Select the shortcut option and the chat in question will appear as the person’s profile picture on the desktop of your device. May not work for all operating systems.

Save the Whatsapp

When you are in a 1 GB data plan, every MB counts. You don’t want to be slapped with a heavy Bill at the end of the month or end up with their claims to have sent or downloaded images and videos by WhatsApp. Go to settings-> chat/Chat-> Automatic Download/Download automatically and adjust the settings for how you want to download the videos and photos of WhatsApp. Choose Wi-Fi, if you do not want to overload your data plan. Alternatively, you can manually trigger downloads, putting the setting to never download/save media automatically.

How to Avoid Unknown Groups in Whatsapp?

If you are always being added to new conversations in full groups of strangers, you may want to keep some details private until these strangers become friends. Go to settings-> tell > privacy, and then adjust your last activity, profile picture and status to keep a bit of mystery. Choose share them with everyone, or just your contacts, or nobody. Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide the phone number of the WhatsApp.

How to Put the Groups of Whatsapp on Silent?

To prevent yourself from being awake by WhatsApp notifications, you can mute the conversation problematic, either in group or individually. Tap the chat of your choice, then the name to open Group info, where you will find the option to mute the chat for 8 hours a week or a year. Alternatively, you can leave the group or conversation.

Not all conversations in group are created equal, and there are some groups and messages are more important than others. Go to meaningful conversations, tap the name to open information, and then click Custom notifications. There, you can select a custom message alert to conversations in Group of your choice. All you have to do now is remember what alert tone that you assigned to the selected conversation.

Find Out the Location of A Contact on Whatsapp

To prevent yourself from ever being mistaken by friends late, insist that the contact to share current location with you by tapping the arrow icon next to the text box and then share location. If it’s a real GPS-based location, the location appears as a PIN, but if it’s a local network and not mobile, the address will appear next to the PIN.

Already learned these new techniques of WhatsApp? Do you have any technique that we forgot to put on and you use? Share with us your WhatsApp techniques!