12 Informal Dresses

For times of heat casual dresses are needed, make you feel more comfortable and feminine, if you like the dresses but not looking for anything formal is the ideal dress for you.

Asymmetric dress

The most fashionable dresses and are super combined because they come in different patterns, lengths and types of fabric. The most common are tribal or ethnic, design without doubt indispensable for this season.

Dress below the knee

A dress ideal for those who like the short dresses, but not much are those of this Court, can be in one shoulder, strapless, or other design and prints are also very varied, ideal for use with sandals.

Short dress

For the most daring short dresses, they are almost like mini-skirts with chiffon fabrics, crochet or even jeans are super fresh and comfortable you can wear with sandals or tennis and winter with tights and boots, also couple the hot season could be used as smocks if you want to join them for a short.

Dress to the knee

These dresses are the most common ones can be used with tennis, slippers, sandals, espadrilles, Roman and flats. They are dresses very comfortable, ideal for any woman regardless of whether they are high or more petite and can be used with short or asymmetrical sweaters even linen bags.

Flowered dress

Always floral pattern is fashionable in spring and summer, you can search for it in more sober colors such as black or green so that you can use it also in winter time, are an excellent basic article.

Ethnic dress

This type of dress can be long, short or online, the interesting thing is that the fabric is very thin and fresh and has different ornaments with strings that make it ideal for those who like the boho style.

Cotton dress

These dresses can be long or maxi, regularly are tight to the body and come in colors such as black or gray, the shorts are comfortable and can be used with high heel tennis, lengths can be combined with sandals, sandals or flats.

Chiffon dress

Favorite fabric of many in times of heat is the dress because it’s very fresh and avoids to have heat all the time, in the dresses is not the exception you can find different styles and models to combine, you can also combine them in winter with mayones.

Long dress

The Maxi is the favorite of the season, are comfortable and quite combinable, they can be used with any type of shoes and prints are infinite, definitely the most common informal dresses.

Dress crochet

Dresses crochet came to be the ideal is white but there are many other colors for the season as the cakes, they are comfortable, feminine and ideal dresses for the city or the beach.

Shirt dress

The camiseros are the dresses more comfortable, they can be combined in many ways and colors vary much also can be used in winter making it ideals informal dresses in the wardrobe of all.

Dress with sleeves

Dresses with sleeves are regularly quite uncomfortable that must know how to find the right material so we can look good to feel comfortable, the best dresses are those of cotton or gauze.

What dress do you still the best?

If you have doubts about what type of dress goes best with your body, we bring you some ideas that take them into account and you feel beautiful and safe at all times.

Remember that it depends on such informal you can wear with dresses, there are dresses that correct shoes and accessories can also serve you for more formal options.