3-6-9-12 Apprivoiser Les Ecrans et Grandir

Computer, TV, video games… one parent always wonder whether the child had not overdo it with this type of entertainment, from how soon can the few to play video games or watch movies only.

Prof. Serge Tisron by the French Academy of Pediatrics is an easy solution to these issues.

It offers parents to keep the rule 3-6-9-12. Here’s what it means:

No TV Before Age 3

Children below that age should not spend time watching TV. Moving pictures, sound, light strongly excite young child and take his entire consciousness.

Therefore, pediatricians recommended before the age of three years old, the child is as little as possible in front of the TV.

Then choose carefully which programs your child is watching and screen time should not exceed 30 minutes per day.

For the good of your child, do not put a TV in his room.

No video Games Before the age of 6

The child develops motility and imagination thanks to toys, painting, modeling and playing with other children.

If too early show him how easy it is to press two buttons on the console and all the action takes place on the screen, it will adversely affect the overall development, as well as his creativity.

However, the games help develop certain qualities, so you can play with your child from time to time, but together.

Internet Parental Control From age 9

The first steps in Internet child you should do with your help. His show sites that are suitable for him and warn of the dangers that may face when sharing personal information on the Web.

Internet unsupervised after 12 years, but with certain rules

12 Years Your Child Can Now Only Use The Web, But Your Intervention is Still Needed.

Do not leave it hanging in front of the computer for hours, make sure you have access to adult sites and show that the Internet is not just games, but also a source of knowledge.