3 Screws up to 4 G Speeds

In Aarhus and Copenhagen is 3 already ready with the 4 g/LTE in cat. 6, and it will spread in the course of the next year.

Can we just don’t get enough high speeds on his phone, then there is good news. 3 have tested 4 g/LTE cat. 6 over the summer, and they are in time with the rollout in Aarhus and Copenhagen already now with excellent results.

3 have even tested the differences in speed between the classic 4 g network and so the new cat. 6-version, and there is a lot to download. With normal 4 g measured 3 speeds up to 70Mbit/s, while cat 6. gave up to 150Mbit/s.

In the first instance, however, it will not be many who benefit from the technology. Right now, only Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which has equipped in order to take advantage of 4 g/LTE in cat. 6 version.

Multiple data sources, higher speed

The higher speeds is a result of the fact that it will now be possible to use multiple frequencies at once.Instead of only being able to use a Ribbon, so it can be in the cat. 6 use two at once, namely 1800 MHz and 2600MHz, and it provides significantly higher speeds.

The technology is not very unlike Samsung’s download Booster that combines data from the mobile network with Wi-Fi data in order to achieve very high speeds.

Right now is 3 so by upgrading their master in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but in the course of next year, the phone company expand coverage with 4 g/LTE cat. 6.