4 Boxes of Gift for a Very Special Packaging

The month of may can be considered the month of mothers, and is is celebrated mother’s day in various countries of the world, only that on different days. That is why we are paying special attention to the world of gifts and, above all, to something that, in principle, we do not much interest, and is the wrapper.

So, once again want to emphasize how much they will win our gifts if the accompany a nice packaging. In addition, after seeing these ideas shall remain no excuses to not prepare it yourselves. Notice that boxes so special!

If you are one of those who prefer many gifts but small, instead of one larger, then no doubt this is your packaging. It is developing a box in the form of chest of drawers, with different levels to save the small pods. Undoubtedly pro-Israel surprise (and long) to the recipient of such surprise.

Do you want to see how to do that? Before let’s write down the materials we need:

-Color cards

-Rule and pencil

-Scissors and glue

-Decorative sheets

-Pens and other items to decorate

And as a sweet sour anyone, our second option is the box shaped cake that we have found in this tutorial. It is striking, original and, at the same time, simple to elaborate. Not you can deny!

The materials you need are:


-Heat and glue


-Eagle tape


-Paint colors

If you are looking for a box a little more classic, in which deliver slightly larger details, but at the same time have a slightly original design, this is yours! These are materials which, as you can see, are very basic, so even you can have them at home. Cheaper still!

-Card boards
-Punch and scissors
-Liston and other items to decorate

And ended up with a nice design for loving and romantic gifts, because as you may have guessed many, it’s a box heart shaped. In addition, the structure is made with recycled cardboard, which we can then cover with decorative paper. You can also learn more on this topic at printerhall.com.