4 Nails Francesinhas for You to Learn

The francesinhas are without a doubt one of the nails decorated preferred by women, and not for less, are extremely delicate and one of the easiest ways to beautify the female hands.

The basic version of the French won new forms and with a little creativity you can use them as you wish. Neovideogames lists four French ideas for you to enjoy and match with your wardrobe.

1-French reversed or half moon

You will need: two colors of Nail Polish and a self-adhesive tape. Already exists on the market somestickers to make the French themselves, but you can improvise with cellophane tape or some other tape you want.

1- Polish your nails with the desired color and that is what you would like it to be the colour of French reversed;

2-Once dry, if you don’t have a tape to do, cut a piece of cellophane tape or another you are going to use so that it take the form of a half moon and paste at the base of the nail, covering the cuticles. The half moon size is up to you;

3- Now the rest of the nail enamel with another color chosen;

4- Once dry, carefully remove the tape that is glued on the base of the nail;

5- Finish with as many layers of base want to be brighter. Ready! Your inverted French is made.

Another way to do the inverted French is with the brush

For those who can not adapt the tapes and has a good coordination in the hands, can do them with the same brush. The steps are pretty much the same as above:

1- First Polish your nails with the desired color and that will be the color of half moon;

2- Once dry, with the other color enamel begins to trace the shape of a half moon;

3- After ready the half moon, paint the rest of the nail. You’re done!

2-French with matte nail

Frosted nails are very stylish and simple to make.
You will need: a matte coverage (no glare), a glaze of your favorite color and self adhesive tape for easy French.

1- Pass the enamel color chosen from the whole nail and on how many layers you want;

2- Once dry, glue a piece of tape covering the tip of the nail to form the French;

3- Pass the basecoat in the rest of the nail, wait to dry a bit and remove the tape. Don’t finalize based, otherwise, the matte will become bright.

Tip: instead of the matte coverage, you can use a matte glaze on the whole nail and pass a glow at the tip of the nail forming the French.

To have an effect even more glaumuroso, you can do the French with a different color used in the rest of the nail, such as metallic, radiant. See the nail in blue below.

3 – French foil

Aluminum is a great improvisation to replace self-adhesive metal tapes and now are also used in French, giving an effect of light.
You will need: a glaze of your favorite color and foil.

1- Polish the entire nail with the desired color;

2- Once dry, pass basis nails so I can paste the foil;

3- Cut small pieces of aluminum foil approximately the size you want to make the French and cole on the edge of the nail;

4- Press lightly to firm up the paper and cut the excess;

5- After completely dry, sand the sides of the nail to remove any shred of paper that have stayed and leaves him perfectly shaped nail;

6– Finalize with how many layers you want to base or extra brightness.


4-tip heart

The heart as well as delicate French is very romantic. As well as the others are super simple to make. The francesinhas of heart are best suited for those with bigger nails and pointed the tip of the nail that will give the effect of the heart.
You will need: two glazes, a red to make the heart and another color you want to sprinkle the nail.

1- Polish the entire nail color chosen;

2- Once dry, with red Nail Polish, paint both ends of the nail at an angle, forming a heart. The diagonal stroke should not be straight, needs to be rounded to form the heart;

3-Log based or a top coat.