4 Things to Do after A Stolen Phone. Watch Out!

So you have your lost or stolen device, some procedures are important to be taken. Our tips assumes that you have already connected to the number, contacted friends and relatives to know about your unit and checked all over your House, pockets, bags, luggage and backpacks before starting.

Trying to Retrieve His Phone

You may be able to simply find a cell phone that was stolen, and not have the need to buy a new one. Tracking sites allow you to use a computer to track the location of a phone based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and hardware on the device. Many of these services require downloading an application (app) for the phone before it can be tracked, however.

You can also use the Internet to see if anyone has information about your phone. Some sites allow you to register the identification number from your phone and alert you if someone reports you found. If your phone is configured to automatically share photos or other information online, you may be able to see where your phone is being used and to track it that way.

Many operating systems already include application factory to retrieve your device with ease. Therefore, before you have your stolen device, ensure the security configuring your device to the remote location. Write down all the important information of location before you proceed to the next step.

Contact the Police and the Operator

If your phone is stolen, you should contact the carrier to suspend your account so others cannot make calls or send SMS texts and call the police. Once this is done, you can determine the best way to replace the phone. If you have insurance for your equipment, get a new is usually quite simple and relatively inexpensive. Different types of phones, like the prepaid or control plans, should be replaced in a way that is simpler and less expensive. Often, it is by just buying a new one.

Make a police report, either online or even in a police station, in order to ensure that if the person does anything with his unit, the injury ends in your pocket.

Of course, you can get lucky enough to get your unit, but I wouldn’t count on it. Only and only count on this possibility if you have installed an application to locate the device.

Deactivate Your Account, Block Your Device and Delete Your Data Remotely

It’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible, since people can immediately begin to make unauthorized calls to him. To prevent the person use your device data, look for the online service to which your smartphone was linked. An example is the iCloud, for devices with iOS, and the Google account for devices with Android. Both have options to delete data remotely and even locking the device. If you don’t have configured prior to these security tools, you may not be able to use this tool.

The operator and the police may need the identification number of your phone, which can be called the ESN, MEID, IMEI or, depending on the type of phone. This number can be found on the sticker under the battery or, in some cases, outside of the box in which the phone originally came. Unfortunately, if your phone is stolen, you may not be able to obtain this number, that’s a very good idea to note before anything happens.

When you purchase the device directly from a carrier, it is possible to order the blocking of the unit by the IMEI number. Do this as soon as possible and try to even out the carrier purchased appliances, because in some cases, it is possible the remote lock like this.

Replace Your Telephone Contract

If you can’t find your stolen device, then you need to get a new one and have it connected to your service. You may have to spend money to replace the phone. Mobile phone companies often offer special discounts to new customers, including free phones. Who has a secure, can have the total or partial value of the covered unit.

Don’t forget that if you’re changing carriers, portability is possible and you can keep the same cell phone number in the new carrier. Just choose and without any extra cost, make the transfer of your number, even if it is a prepaid.

After Replacing Your Phone and Your Plan: Recover Data and Ensure Your Safety

Configure the appliance by connecting your account and activating the security tools for recovery if you lose it or have it stolen. Recover data from your device through a backup previously done or do everything manually, not forgetting to do the configuration of your appliance to do automatic backups and data loss doesn’t happen again.

Once you have a replacement, it’s a good idea to create some security measures to make it more likely that you will be able to protect their information and retrieve a phone more easily in the future. Set a password to lock the phone so no one else can use it. Some phones also allow you to create a password for the SIM card or phone memory device, which prevents a thief from taking the card and use it in another phone.

Security applications are also available to prevent unauthorized access to your data, as well as the applications of GPS to help you find your phone if it disappears again.

Think we missed any step? Would you do anything else? Share with us in the comments below!