40’s Makeup – Hollywood Diva Schminktutorial

A 40’s makeup in the Hollywood style is clearly one: glamorous. Makeup is today still very like worn by women all over the world for special occasions even though many no longer know where come from this look and when it was formed. Who by the way love 40’s makeup is DITA von Teese. And we of course!

Key terms of a 40s make-ups are matte red lips and black eyeliner plus false eyelashes. In contrast to the 30s, the eyebrows are not so thin and artificial as we know this for example by Marlene Dietrich, but have a more natural shape.

Those who are interested in the backgrounds of makeup and hairstyles of this time, I recommend the article: http://www.ehuacom.com/2015/amorepacific-makeup-products-profile.html.

Step 1: Apply Primer 40’s Makeup

Start with a day cream and, if necessary, a primer on. After they are well fed, to wear a primer in your skin tone.

If then still small blemishes are visible, this cover with a concealer. You kaschierst wrinkles and shadows with a light concealer. Take a special product for this area, which covers very well, but no more than two tones is lighter than your natural tone for eye shadow, it is otherwise too much. Dazzle products very well in the primer.

Finally, you heavily off puderst your entire face. The signs of the time are on matt.

40s Make-Up Step 2: Rouge

Rouge was very popular even in his 30s , on the market were particularly rosy tones.

A rosy pink cheeks so perfected the style.

40s Make Up Step 3: Eyebrows

You define the brows with a brow brush and brow powder or an eyebrow pencil. The color is darker than your natural eyebrow color either tone-in-tone or something. The eyebrows should be stressed, but still naturally curved look.

40’s Makeup Step 4: Eye shadow

What was used for eye shadow? Of course Matt tones.

The entire eyelid is first painted with a light tone in beige.

Second, you schattierst a darker shade of Brown in the crease as the left. For an evening makeup taken quite darker tones and not just Brown, but also grey. Color was announced but not more so. During the day, the shades were rather difficult and hardly noticeable.

40’s makeup step 5: eyeliner

Makeup 40s to a one liquid eyeliner. This is drawn very thin with a brush on the upper lid from the inside to the outside and runs out very slightly upwards. This shows who really can work with eyeliner

40s Make Up Step 6: Eyelashes

So now comes the mascara. Wear on top on the lashes mascara. Not below apply mascara!!

Finally, you put on false eyelashes from the band. The tape on the outer two joints about 20 seconds carefully on the Lash line press until the glue is set.

40’s Makeup Step 7: Lips

Now comes the most important: the lipstick.

Surround your lips with a red pencil or draw the contour with a lip brush, the you have the dish in your red lipstick. The contours must absolutely perfect red tolerates no goof. The Cupid’s bow is not more so roundish stressed as in the 30s and may be significantly square. We don’t paint over!

Last but not least, you fill your mouth with the dull red lipstick color. In the United States, this color is named pillar box-red.

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I think certainly our Retrochick Marta looks great as Rita Hay worth.