5 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake

5 alternatives to the traditional wedding cake? Here are many ideas all to copy! The wedding cake to celebrate your wedding day is a tradition that cannot be waived. However, for the bride and groom who want a reception outside the box, there are also the original alternatives to classic cake. Let’s see what are the nicest ones!

In recent times the Classic wedding cake with several floors took the most varied and unusual shapes: sweet alternatives to serve are many and varied, but must still be perfectly in line with the type of reception you choose. Let us then 5 alternatives to classic wedding cake!

1)many cakes to be placed on a shelf
Instead of a wedding cake alone you can prepare many different to a plan, to be placed on different shelves or back splashes. You can also have different flavors of cakes, so that invitees can do a lot of little bits and bobs.

2)Cake cupcakes
As an alternative to the classic cake, you can serve delicious cupcakes. They provide an immediate visual effect without mirth and joy.

3)cookie Tower
A great idea is to make a tower of delicious and tasty cookies. This solution is inexpensive and original and will be very welcome guests.

4)wedding cake with macarons
Refined and colorful, the macarons are perfect for a romantic and elegant wedding cake!

Strawberry Tower 5)
Love the fresh fruit? Try to make a strawberry tower, perfect for celebrating the summer wedding!

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