5 Looks How Her Flat Shoes Combined with Dresses

Lace-up sandals for endless legs

Who loves lace-up sandals will get their money’s worth in 2016. The playful summer shoes are high on the course and are especially good for dresses whose hem ends above the knees.  Thus, the trend trefoils develop their full splendor. Anyone who wants to make the outfit want to light up, as in this example, a color of the shoes in the dress again. Sandals in snakeskin, from Daisy Street, for about 29 euros. Short dress in mustard yellow with free shoulders, from Mango, for about 50 euros.

5 Looks How Her Flat Shoes Combined with Dresses

With plateau some size dazumogeln

Plateau shoes have two great advantages: They make bigger and stretch the look. The foot lies flat in the footbed-so painful soles remain out. We use this stretching effect to combine a longer dress. The stretched look transfers to the dress and looks particularly beautiful.
Potty platform sneaker, by JC Play, for 105 euros.
V-neck dress in denim look, by Cos, for 70 euros.

Let it be pampered

The shoe god means this year with us! Not only is flat shoes full of fashion-even the long-running”health-stricken” sandals have made it into fashion Olympus. The wide color palette is used by us and worn to a simple shirt dress to attract all attention to us.
Here we have the classics of Birkenstock, for about 34 euros.
A white shirt dress brings the pink shoes right to the beam of 3 2 1,for about 191 euros.

Fixed contrast contrast program

For some a no-go, for others the solution for all their festival problems(well, almost). Combining a feminine dress with brittle treads also looks particularly good on slender women or athletic legs.
The bold evergreens of Dr. Martens, for about 190 euros.
Boho-feeling pure with this embroidered dress, from Mango, for reduced 18 euros.

Sweet, but self-confident

Thanks Chloé! The pointed lace-up ballerinas are not only very nice to look at, they can also be combined super dresses of all kinds. In this case, we take on the romantic look of the fire and wear the lace up to a lace dress in a delicate pastel tone.
Ballerinas for lacing in Wild leather, from New Look, for about 24 Euro.
Long chiffon dress in pink, from H & M,approx. 80 Euro.