How to Wear a Mens White Shirt: 5 Options

You can see a station, go, get another and not use … the white shirt does not lose its power, no doubt, is a piece that does not age, can circulate between all styles and productions.

The white shirt is a true wild card of our wardrobe, allowing different looks different. Therefore, a tip is to invest in a white shirt of good quality, no matter if you pay a little more for it because it’s classic, which is, you will never go out of fashion. Therefore, we decided to show here some of its versatility, with 5 options looks with white shirt, a more casual to more formal, white shirt goes with everything and can be used in combinations composing amazing productions by

Then the white shirt can be used in various ways, fully enclosed inside out, with sleeves rolled up, open inside, outside, completely open with below Tanks of halter top and also outside topped with a knot at last It will depend on your creativity.

An important tip is to invest in fabrics that allow your breath to avoid excessive sweating and its possible consequences , avoid synthetic fabrics such as spandex, prefer cotton.

One of the advantages of this piece, which is already a classic, is that just change the accessories and the combination, you can go for either a more elegant party as for a barbecue with friends.

Here are 5 options looks with white shirt

White Shirt + Short Jeans

The short already leaves no relaxed, informal look, be sure to use a white shirt open with folded sleeves, invest in many bijoux and feet abuse style shoes all star, shoe , ankle boot, open boot, gladiator , heel sandal …

White Shirt + Jeans

The duo jeans + shirt is already a classic day to day that may well go work off soon with friends to create a more powerful look is only invest in scarpins of high heels. The tip is due to the choice of jeans, it is better to opt for a piece that enhances the silhouette than going the shape that is more fashionable.

White Shirt + Midi Skirt

The midis skirts are super high and of course the white shirt would not stay out of this. But not to take the look from scratch get very face, be sure to use the most open shirt and showing her lap, abuse of bijoux, with a well baphonico necklace, folding his sleeves, to invest in a hat’re worth to break that seriousness of midi length.

White Shirt + Mini Skirt

But the mini skirt never goes out of fashion, and in summer it super suits white shirt, by the way, this is a combination that can not miss it, it is pure charm and has everything to do with the warmer seasons. The fabric is going to set the tone of the production. If light and colored fabrics are chosen, the look will be more informal, but if a skirt type leather waist high in this case, the production becomes more sophisticated. Of course, the accessories are also super welcome, of course!

White Shirt + White
White shirt with white pants, white shirt with white skirt, short, to use the white shirt with another white piece, the tip is to choose a mix of fabrics and / or textures, with the look that is richer and more interesting. Not to look like a white block or have the feeling that the figure is higher, combine with pants or more straight skirts, so everything is sequinho and abuse of very colorful bijoux.


  • Who is overweight or has a lot to bust BET in shirt with collar ‘V’ (for balance) and avoid closing the shirt completely.
  • Those who are overweight also should opt for more fluid fabrics shirts, like silk, giving trim and does not mark the body.
  • Who has little bust should opt for white shirt all closed (to the collar) and use a paste prepared above, apparently increasing the bust, or invest in frilly shirts with the front.
  • But whoever is more short, the trick is to use avoid shirt out of his pants / skirt, as this will give the impression that it is even lower.