5 Trends of NYFW Spring 2016

Well, I showed you in a previous post what were the trends in street style of the NYFW Spring 2016 and if you haven’t checked out, click here. But today I will show you 5 trends that appear in weight on the runway and that promise to be the macaws of the stores next summer. As are many fashion shows it’s hard to concentrate on just a trend but for sure these that I separated for you will come with everything. They want to know?Just scroll the mouse and have fun.

1-Style Pajamas

This trend has appearing on the catwalks for a while and will continue for one more season. The pajama style refers to the clothes more loose and lightweight fabrics that really resemble a pajamas, let’s say that this trend is a little controversy isn’t it? But there are people who loves hanging out with this style out there.


Sure stripes are part of the wardrobe of anyone isn’t it? Because she is an ally for those people who want to look leaner and lengthen the silhouette, sooo help stripe it! She appeared with everything at fashion week and will appear in my closet as well hahaha.

3 – Shoulders the shows

Summer asks us to broadcast the shoulders is not true? Yet another part of the body that is sexy without being vulgar, and this bet appeared in weight on the runway with many choices of shirts and dresses with sample leaving his shoulders look very elegant and ready to rock in the summer.

4-On the Fringes

Tassels, fringes and more fringe. We had an over of fringe in the winter and we will continue in the summer and I can say I’m happy because I love pieces with bangs haha …But the proposal of this tendency is on the fringes of the dresses and skirts to give that charm in time to know? But don’t let the other parts that you have her putting, can use and abuse that fringe will still be a big trend for summer 2015.

5-Orange is the new black

Pun intended the part but the orange color will be the color of summer people! Most brands have used this color in your parts and was unanimous, the orange won as the color of summer.

Like the cliff notes of the trends which passed NYFW? Which ones you would use?