5 Types of Shoes Will Bombing in Summer

The with summer 2014 is coming here on, every day we have incredible news that are warming up this very end of winter. Shoes, clothes and accessories to make any woman lost among so many options based on the main global trends.

To get you started the next season tune separated 5 models of shoes that will be hit in the station and we already have on the catwalk and to start with a lot of style to such a trip all crafted?

The clogs undergrowth as the darlings creeping sandals, leave the basics and gain a personality very chic. Between the release of new collection we have several balls with a lot of stones and glitter and clogs also win luxury shoes applications.

And it’s not just the models back earning details elegantíssimos …

The transparent details came last winter, a little until late in the summer of 2013, but now it’s their turn to leave the feet with a modern, bold, sensual footprint and thin. Be small details on the edges or in great emphasis on transparency brings a distinctive personality.

Chunky Heels are comfortable, give more stability to the floor and are still coming in the shoes to give even more value to feet and footwear. The Sandals earn thicker heels and ankle straps, also leaving the floor even sexier.

Speaking of leaving the floor more sexy, in Sandals are also a detail that comes to stay strong in women’s fashion this season and value the production with a feminine and beautiful.

The Gladiators abuse boldness and character with its cops and jumping accompanied with moorings high complete looks with shorts or skirts in a way feminine and very sexy.

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