6 Cheap and Simple Decorating Ideas!

Learn how to fit in with what you already have or buy single items and easy to combine.

A beautiful decoration need not necessarily be expensive or rely on what is on the rise at the time that you want to change your environment. You can create custom rooms and full of style according to what you like or expect from your corner.

We brought today six creative tips with easy-to-find items or reuse of your home. Are ideas for you apply in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even outside.

Cork Panel: A Cheap Idea For Photos Or Trinkets

A simple Cork Panel can do much for you if you love accessories, photographs or even need help to remember to do daily tasks. Cork frame frames are easy to find and have a great cost benefit. In addition, if you don’t like the color of the material, it is possible to easily coat with a layer of liquid or spray-on paint, contact paper or even adhesive fabric from mysteryaround.com. For bolder ideas, you can buy sheets of Cork and assemble a complete wall travel pictures, decorative items like stickers, notebooks and other items.

Pegboard: The Darling Of The Moment Is A Great Ally In The Organization

If you have tools, craft materials, planting or sewing and accessories, pegboard is a cheap option and full of personality. The pegboards are exhibitors panels with holes throughout your extension, where you can dock hooks or screw small shelves to store all your stuff without generating mess.In addition, this idea is pretty cool for you to view all your items prepared and find easily what you need. That way, you can streamline your work at home without wasting time looking for their things in boxes, cabinets, etc.

Pallets And Crates: Decorative Accessories To Furniture For Your Home

The pallets and crates can transform the atmosphere of your home making the rooms even more stylish. With the crates, for example, you can create shelves, created and dumb, bookshelves and other decorative accessories that can be used in addition to being simply a visual object. They’re like little furniture, made from a material cheap, easy to find and can be decorated to your way. You can paint the color you prefer, or even keep a bandage on the look of wood giving only a layer of varnish to protect the wood. Already the pallets, allow you to create a world of possibilities in furniture like beds and sofas bigger. You can do a reinforced base, using mattresses or other material to make the padded seats and decorate with colorful cushions of different sizes.

Bottles And Jars: Reusing Packaging To Create A Vase Full Of Style

This is probably the simplest and inexpensive tip that you can do using that bottle or jar that is leaning at home or ready to go in the trash. After consumption, wash and higienize well in with boiling water or alcohol. Paint the entire outside with spray paint your color preference and decorate with artificial flowers to bring color and harmony for your environment.

Self-Adhesive Hooks: A Special Charm In Your Kitchen Decoration

Another pretty simple tip and that will make all the difference in your decoration are the hooks stickers. You can find at craft stores, supermarkets or dry goods and use for hanging mugs, for example. A practical idea in time to receive his friends for a cup of coffee in the late afternoon, in addition to decorate your kitchen. Experiment with different styles and color mugs.

Board Type Wall: A Corner To Let The Creativity Flow

Nowadays we can find on the market a black ink, matte and textured finish similar to a school board. In it, you can draw and write with chalk and delete when you want. Is a great way to unleash the creativity and create a unique environment you can relax and unleash your artistic skills. Also to note the tasks and not to forget the commitments of the day.

Like the tips? You can invest a little money and still have a stylish and comfortable environment for your call. Are small changes that give a new look to your home, as well as assist in organization of items, preventing them to be spread around. Adapted right now for your home and release creativity in time to decorate!