6 Tips for Perfect Selection of Bras

Selecting a perfectly fitting bra seems like a simple task, but … less than eighty percent of Czech women are wearing the wrong size! What if you are one of them? This can help you decide when buying a new piece! Now you do not make a mistake!

What are the biggest mistakes when choosing a bra? Most women try to fit into small cups, or choose a completely unsatisfactory circuit. But then the consequences! Back pain, headache, bad posture, inflammation, lump, even the urge to vomit! With all that you may encounter when you select the right piece! What are you to be very careful next time?

  1. Degree of just 

Stumbling-block? Circuit! Before you go to the store, you reach first on the tape measure, let them know what the numbers are when buying a bounce. Fortune favors the prepared! Just a lot of women mistakenly believed that a bra circuit must be equal to the circumference, which were measured under the breasts. Basically, if you measure under your treasures revealed, for example, 75 cm, reach for a bra that has a circumference of about five centimeters less, ie 70. Why? Each substance is in normal use a little draws, so it is better to advance the count and choose a smaller size. In some cases, even about 10 cm! Bra will fit even after prolonged use.

Turning the second remains in place 

So this is a fundamental rule! The rear part with fastening should not move upward. It should form a right angle with your elbows and must at all costs keep the exact middle of the back. Even an inch more or less! If you feel the tacks on switching to blades, or even higher, then everything is wrong!

  1. The material is not very flexible 

Again, we are talking about the back part. Another important criterion is the right choice is that if this part of the body pulling the bra should be a space between you and the bra fit exactly two fingers. Even when testing is good to try freest variant, the farthest hook precisely because of the already mentioned above and to the elasticity of the material used. But the rule over two fingers and then not run the train!

4th Allows you to breathe freely

Bra try all possible and impossible positions. Put your hands up, down, shýbejte to rotate, do what you want. If you do not press anything anywhere, Nedra and you can inhale deeply, you have almost won! You are on the trail of the perfect catch!

  1. Nothing overflows 

Oh, the cups! What man would not do for the perfect push-up effect that? But to achieve that performs all purposes, both aesthetic and health, it is not easy! That’s why many women dress too small cups that although they formed the famous “trough”, but their breasts unsightly “přečuhují” over the edge. (Especially shirt underneath thinner it does not look nice!) The cups should be such that, with your pride and imperceptible formed a smooth transition. Like a second skin!

  1. No waves 

There is one thing in which the cups too do not want a situation … they should not be in any case a twist or otherwise krabatit. If such a thing to register with their size’ve probably stepped beside. Try to try a smaller number. In case you feel the tip of the empty space, it is the opposite – take at the mercy of larger numbers. Anyway, never miss a thing, nor dwell!

You are such a flow of information at a loss? Yet that’s not all! Thinking must be on the overall impression. Looking at herself in the mirror look from the side and you do not have breast lower than the bottom perimeter of bras, until now you can buy the excellent new bras congratulations! But it was a chore that? Yet it is not required every day!

And as with buying a bra do you have? It makes you a problem or you get lucky right at the second, third attempt?