6 Tips To Shooting With The Sony Xperia Z3

Better pictures with the Sony Xperia Z3: the top model of the Japanese manufacturer is equipped with a powerful camera that offers a resolution of 20.7 MP. But a high megapixel value alone is no guarantee of a good photo. We tell you what setting options with the Xperia Z3, how you use them best, and give a few general tips for good shots.

6 Tips To Shooting With The Sony Xperia Z3

Use Smile Shutter

With the Smile shutter of the Xperia Z3, you can choose a face is photographed exactly then when the person smiles. To use the Smile shutter, you must first enable the camera functionality of smartphones. Type the three squares, and then click the camera icon. There selects the option “Trigger for smile” – then you can also set how the smile should be designed. The selected person’s face can be seen on display in a colored frame.

Using Scene Selection

The camera app of the Xperia Z3 offers a wide variety of sceneries, for which certain basic settings of the camera will be adjusted accordingly. To open the scene selection, you must first enable the camera. Then tap the three small squares and the following menu selects the point “Scene selection”. There you’ll find as possible scenes, for example, “Landscape”, “Night shot”, “Animals”, “Party”, or “sports. If you want to manually adjust the settings, you can disable the scene selection by “SCN“.

Properly Use ISO And HDR

The increase of the ISO value is a way to compensate for poor lighting conditions. This feature of the camera of Xperia Z3 should not or only gently used are, because increasing the light sensitivity often leads to the so-called “ISO noise” – is the image then look grainy. To avoid this, you should rather use a tripod and increase the exposure time, instead of changing the ISO value.

You can reconcile the differences between light and dark on a photo with the so-called “high dynamic range” (HDR). In the HDR mode, the camera takes several pictures and merges them to a photo. Therefore, this mode should be used only when the Xperia Z3 is kept very quiet or stands on a tripod. In addition the motive should not move also – otherwise, you’ll get a blurry image.

General Tips

To use Z3 camera, instead of the zoom of the Xperia you should approach rather close the motif. As a result, the object in the photo appears sharper. It is also advisable to pay attention to achieve a good result at the end of a good lighting and a possible calm background.


  • The Smile shutter takes a picture exactly then when the selected person to the kind smiles, you previously have provided
  • The scene selection, you can customize the basic settings of the camera of a place or a situation, for example, for sports or night shots
  • Avoids a high ISO value, since this leads to noise
  • If you and the motive are quiet use HDR
  • Close approaches to the subject, rather than to zoom
  • Respects before taking pictures on the background and lighting