8 Data on Nail Beauty

Porcelain with nails and  manicure step by step  achieve a natural finish that will not be. We can choose the set of nail enamels we like to accompany this season with a spectacular summer makeup.


A disadvantage that may present beauty not only depends on the care but the experience of those who applied. They may be too bulky (thick) or a way you do not like.



Care must be taken so that beauty not suffer cracks or scratches. In addition, they have to keep hydrated and porcelain nails is advisable to apply oil on them every night (http://www.localcollegeexplorer.com/fashion-and-beauty/6-nail-painting-tips-you-should-try/).


Porcelain nails can be used semicortas or long and decorate creatively with the subject or style you want. Decorated porcelain nails are ideal for an event, a party or just for when you want to look fabulous hands.



It is one of the advantages of beauty only require a monthly maintenance and the nail itself grows and is necessary to cover the gap that occurs in the area of ​​the cuticles. To register porcelain nails should go to a beauty salon, it is a delicate procedure.


Weak solution

If you have weak or badly manicured nails nail application of porcelain it is the perfect solution to strengthen them and change image in your hands within a few minutes.



Having porcelain nails shine making a strong appearance of hands something incredible because they will look just perfect with porcelain finish notice.



Porcelain nails adhere to the natural nail and therefore grows next to it: for this reason it is necessary to take care of maintenance by filling the gap left by growth.



Are made from fiberglass, which makes them a little more fragile to be the finest material. Porcelain nails can be applied with mold, which is placed under the edge of the natural nail to the shape and size desired.

Porcelain nails are a simple and practical way to keep your nails clean, they last a while and then you just have to make adjustments.