8 Items That Can Not Miss in Your Bag in the Summer

My beautiful, are traveling to the beach? This season is a delight to enjoy the Sun and the sea. Not to miss in that you have to take in your suitcase, I thought of a few items that can not miss because it will make all the difference.


It is impossible to travel to the beach without our dear sunscreen. Many people suffer because you don’t like sticky effect that he makes on the skin, so I separated three of my favorites. The Vichy and the RoC are for combination skin and I love the crisp effect that they do and I use them in the face, I L ‘ OREÁL I use in the body and have liked him very much. So please don’t forget your guardians because the Sun is killing!


Another item that doesn’t lack no way in my necessáire is a tan because I’m very pale and when I go to the beach I can’t wait to get a tan haha. What I usually do, about 20 minutes before I go to the beach I step I the suntan lotion and when I get on the beach I spend my suntan lotion of Australian Gold (my favorite) and so I didn’t burn just tan. I also like the de Sun and Banana Boat, the difference to the Australian Gold is that they are more molasses, are that same oil but help give that bronze.

3-Beach items

I amooo beach items, I think that leaves the beach moment much more stylish and stripped. And you choose if you prefer a dress, canga, shorts, overalls, the important thing is you take and raze the look.


I’m super in the vibe of the round mirrored glasses and I think has the face of summer! No matter which model you prefer and yes he can not miss in your beach bag ever!


I love to use strong colors this summer and my preferidinho of time is the color orange. More colors for this tom but also the coral are too much this season. In addition I made a post talking about the 5 colors of lipsticks to you, you want to check?


If you have an item that makes you beautiful both with beach clothes and street clothes, hat. I am in love with Hat and I think that makes all the difference in the look. Is the model that is, invest in one that you won’t regret it, in addition to protecting your head from that Sun, you get stripped.

7-Sneaker Shoe

The shoe of the season is undoubtedly the espadrilles. Comfortable designs, timeless and stripped are the little darlings and that by participating in the summer look, makes all the difference. Have you picked yours?

8- Triangle Swimwear

Guys, what is this Bikini? It’s definitely an item that has to be part of his purse from today! Signed by Australian mark Triangle Swimwear, the model made of neoprene is famous for adapt perfectly to the silhouette of all women and still enhance the bust with your top half-cup, no bulge. The colors are vibrant tones with a touch of neon. Who also want a right to call their own?

Noted? Of course you can’t forget basic and obvious things that you use in your everyday life right? But these items, for me, are indispensable. And for you? What can not miss in your suitcase?