8 Ways to Paint Nails

Nail polish has become very popular and there are a variety of designs to choose from . If you are thinking look incredible hand, we have some designs for nail you’ll love.

Water Nails

It is a very easy way to create this fashion design with marbling effect on the nails. You just need your favorite nail colors and a bowl of water. Add a drop of each nail, one over the other until a circle of various colors and using a stick can create different designs, dip your nail and ready.

Leopard nails

If you like animal print trend, this may be a way of painting nails. It is a user – friendly design nails, just change the traditional colors for fashion colors like green, purple, pink, etc; beam spots on the nails and outline them with black enamel advised by ehuacom.com.

Strawberry Nails

Check your imagination fly and create this original design nail cutter nail paint; enamels need red, green and white and patience, remember that practice makes perfect. First, paint fingernails red, then make the white spots and using a finer brush draws the sheet.


Nails Hello Kitty

If you’re a fan of this character, sure this idea to paint your nails you love to be fashionable with the best in decoration nail. It is very easy to achieve, just be patient and you have a very original design nails, you can change the colors for your favorites. Do not forget to combine them !


Lisas and Moles

A good combination is nail decoration with enamel. Choose a solid and striking color and combine it with some colored spots. A tip is to choose only some nails with polka dots and the other with the color you like and so will wear modern and fashionable hands.


Colors Designs

Different colors and simple decorations can be original and different way of painting nails. Combine your favorite colors and complemented with stickers or drawings made ​​by you to give it a more personal touch. A tip is to choose seasonal colors to be fashionable.


Ethnic nails

It combines the colors that you like to paint nails with an ethnic design. You need a brush tip in order to create designs that you can think of , combining the colors you want and give it a modern touch. A tip is to choose the base color black for the highlight color.


Bright nails

Undoubtedly, the nails with glitter are one of the trends that is always fashionable to paint nails. They are ideal for carrying in your hands all the glamor. You just need to buy a nail with glitter or make your own at home by adding some fine your favorite nail color , glitter and ready.

Píntate the best ways Nails

We leave this video with which you can paint your nails in a colorful and fun way.

With these super original designs and ideas have fun nails, different and fashionable for any occasion. Dare to mix colors and try different designs on your nails. You’ll love and your hands will look amazing.