How to Choose Summer Clothes: 9 Tips

Ideas and tips to learn how to choose clothes that suit you best and make your figure stands beyond what is your weight. To make you feel 100% goddess.

How to Choose Summer Clothes: 9 Tips

If the scale mark some extra kilos, do not worry and leave of side the fear of summer. Quite the opposite. You can be happy because it is your opportunity to shine like never before. This season fashion is adapted to all bodies and types of beauty, so you can be sure that it will be well used, a great ally so you can finally wear your beauty in all its potential.

Now, already not it’s cover and hide. The new slogans to see you well are two: balance and highlight.

And to achieve this, the summer with light, clothing textures light and fresh, bright colors and prints, soft Tan and many other benefits of heat, become optimal partners.

9 keys for this season

1 – If you have a significant overweight, always try to choose monochrome garments in neutral colors to stylize the silhouette. You can use patterns but evitalos in the areas of greatest visual conflict.


2 – You know what areas to those that don’t want to attract attention and what are your strengths. And if do not know you, look at you with sincerity and love to the mirror to discover them or ask your partner or your friend’s confidence, without fear. Do you like the most of you yourself? Eyes, hair, hands, neck? To these areas you must aim all your artillery and highlight it with accessories, make up and color.


3 – In the summer, the soleritos or the maxi skirts are the inevitable clothes in the dressing room and are a great help to neutralize the body volume.


4 – All the dresses you use has to be of the size suitable for you. On summerdressesstore, you will see sizes large and loose give you disadvantage with the odious effect tent and boys sizes you compress and make that the parts that are not tightened securely within clothing, protrude on the other hand, with an unpleasant “sausage effect”. Yes or Yes-usa your waist and not worry if it is L, XL or XXL. If it is yours do not hesitate: you will look good.


5 – While it is true that visually dark colors shrink and enlarge the clear, it is also true that vivid colors allow you to look more radiant and beautiful. That no discards or armate of several teams of blouses in leggings in neutral tones and shades that you favor.


6 – Choose the necklines of well designed as the heart, the boat or the neckline in V. The round only helps women of very long and slim neck so it is unlikely that is indicated for women with extra kilos. But it is a matter of try it and see how it suits you.


7- Avoid garments with pockets bulging, flown in areas more bulky and very heavy accessories, to not enlarge the figure.


8 – In regards to bathing suits, little bust women choose Bras triangle and with Assembly that highlight the area. Those that are too bust, on the other hand, choose bodices that hold very well, good quality, with wide straps that hold and have no filling. If all the problem with your weight is that you have some belly, animate to the tankini, accompanying with a Bishop’s high shot which hold good the lower part of the abdomen. For women of little tail, looking for everything you provide volume, culottes, or triangles bikinis. For those who are very hip, looking for panties that have something more than dug.


9 – Dale close attention to the care of your skin, nails, hair and make up. These are details which must always be care to highlight your beauty. Hidratate body and face all day, use creams with a touch of colour and protect yourself with one factor of greater than 50 for the face and 30 for the body, always use mask eyelashes and lip gloss and went out into the street with a smile.