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Which type of MBA is best for Consulting?

MBA (or Master of Business Administration) degree has become a popular choice for those in the business community is seeking a higher education, specialized training. Students can concentrate on a single field of their choice, while reaching the much sought after training in the world of business. In a sense, many of the career fields that follow an MBA involves a fair amount of advice, but some may be better prepared than others.

MBA in Entrepreneurial Management
More than some of the other designations, MBA in entrepreneurial management education provides students the opportunity to study the inner-workings and management practices or techniques in connection with a small business. Experienced owners or management business often studying entrepreneurial management and return smoothly to their roles as managing directors, finance directors, or other senior management. The degree typically focuses on finance and strategic management, with an integrated counseling component for those who are not directly involved in their own business.

MBA in Accounting
The accounting specialization directly prepare students for basic accounting, finance, corporate finance and consumer consulting work. Because those with accounting degrees usually spend much of their careers to do the work for large companies, this field is particularly suitable for those who are interested in consulting. "Top MBA programs" David Petersam notes that "Top level companies is currently looking for candidates with corporate accounting and CPA (certified public accountant) qualification", which is the governmental and military groups.

MBA in Marketing
For those interested in advertising and commercial advice, MBA in marketing provides students with the ability to operate in an ever-changing commercial world. Graduates of this program goes on to consult in the corporate advertising for world-class marketing firms or directly as part of an internal corporate marketing team. Marketing students work in both the creative and business aspects of the corporate world, depending on their experience and background. A marketing focus often leads to a lucrative career in corporate advertising.

MBA in Health Care Management
One of the largest and ever-growing sectors in the financial world is health care. Whether students work directly for insurance companies, hmos, the Government or a health care/products company, graduates in health care management is sure to have job security for the coming year. Advice opportunities abound for those with an MBA, particularly in the field of health care advice to private companies or the Government. Most programs are tailored to either work in specific research or consulting services fields.

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