Quickly I passed the weeks. Again is Tuesday!

I normally leave the programmed input, but this week or so I have had time. And here I am, with the children in bed, taking advantage of the silence and writing.

This week I’ve sewn a little every day. Being handmade it takes me a lot more, but of course, machine hours that I sew… Impossible!

Last night finished the backpack for Julia and between today and tomorrow will be by mail. His mother told me that it was very pink, so there you have it, rose, rose, rose.

I’ve put several details to make it personalized. Two yo-yos, though it does not take picture with them removed, are removable, even could use them as a brooch in some abriguito.

I teach the tutorial where I learned to do this Super Pack: http://www.baglib.com/donna-bella-designs-backpacks_162.html this would be the link. I tried putting it by inserting the video from Youtube, but not has left me, so as I’m a little late, at 8 I have to wake up the children for which us time to get to school, click on the and the see.

I am happy with the result, but the following safe q I get even better, because when you do one, you’ll quickly finding failures, by very small or fools who seem.

Pilar, wish liked Julia.

Indeed, Pilar has a website, which not is if once you open it commented, but it makes some beautiful pictures (I have one!) The petit art, do not fail to see it.