About Sports Bras

Today I will talk about my favorites Sports Bras, brand Shock absorb. I’ve been using them for about 6 or 7 years and after zillions thousand washes, follow as the first day. 

The wonderful thing about these clips is that they really hold you chest. Recently I have started to run and although I have little chest, I like to take it very subject. These sujes met to perfection and conform well to my little chest but my broad back (some better than others, and will see it in the video and photos. I have several models, and above all the last ones I bought fastened very well but at the same time not crushed chest to “iron”. The designs have been improving over the years.

The downside of these sports bras is the price, which ranges between 20 and 45 euros. But there are tricks. The most easy are markdowns of the English Court, but sometimes in Decathlon have a pair of white and black basic models that are around 20 euros. It can be traced by that not always are. There is also an outlet of Gemma where they have them, the mega outlet that exist in San Sebastián de los reyes. Apparently, these fasteners are that surgeons sent to women that they have just to operate the chest they hold very well but without crushing the scars that are still soft, signal that they are good. This I did not know it, but told me a PAL of the gym at the typical conversation of costume in which you share tips.OLE women who share their knowledge! I encourage you to hang your favorite brands in the comentaios.

Here are photos of my favorite sujes. This you see here below is my latest acquisition, special to run and I like so much that I have two identical!

Maybe in the photo is not well but has a kind of preform semi-rigid purple below that make little round breast and gives it shape, and then above carries the black fabric and straps that go up the chest and hold it. A marvel of technology. An added plus is that it snaps behind, so you don’t have to suffer to get it through your head. Super comfortable.

Then there are those who have the typical form of the sports bra (if have to put them on the head) and so you look not like a plate carrying a few drinks of froth to give form to the chest. Of these, I have two, one white and one black. White is more discreet but black makes me a breast when I see myself in the mirror I say… that’s me? It’s almost almost too, by which I do not fasteners with too much filler, but not enough like me to not look natural.
This that I am going to teach now is the first that I bought nearly 10 years ago, and truly I say unto you that is the same as the first day… well almost. But this if that is who do you the flat chest, that if not you move even a tad… as the famous ad of the tennis player Maria Sharapova in which said “on the track all I want that you boat you are tennis balls”
I have some more, are not as good as the Shock absorbing but which also serve for those days where you don’t have such intense activity. But without a doubt if you have to jump or run, this brand is the best. Until the next.