About the Summer Dress

Good morning! I leave a very summery look with a simple printed in light blue summer dress. This dress has a very straight line and I’ve preferred to adjust it at the waist with a narrow belt; I don’t know if to you, but to me you like me more so.

About the Summer Dress

I also leave a photograph (taken from the place where I got the pictures) of Rio Real golf course next to my house which is lovely because it reaches to the sea… I love that urbanization, for me it is one of the ones with more charm of Marbella. It has a small hotel boutique which is ideal. Many of the photos of the blog do them in their immediate vicinity.

That day I ate with Antonio on SYLT, a beach bar that is a monad. It seems to me a very good place for those who live or come to Marbella holiday besides having an amazing music and a selection of super appetizing dishes, the best thing is its location and the feeling of relaxation that one can experience among the sand dunes. It shows the good taste of its owner, the designer Javier Larraínzar.

Finally, tell you that I am thrilled with the break I’m going to do this weekend to celebrate the birthday of my friend’s soul during the five years I spent in the Monica, my college in Madrid. I will tell you! If you want to, you can follow me on Summerdressesstore where I will upload some photos for strapless summer dresses!

Good Morning! Today, I’m showing you a very summer outfit, with a simple sky blue print dress. A garment with a so straight pattern that I decided to take it in with a narrow belt; I don´t know what would you think about, but I do rather wear it that way.

I am also showing you a picture of the Rio Real Club & Hotel, in whose surroundings we made the shooting.A delightful golf course that lies to the very sea shore close to my place. I love that outskirt, for me one of the most charming ones of Marbella, with its small boutique hotel, so gorgeous. We’ve made many of the blog shootings in the area.

That day, I had lunch with Antonio at SYLT, a so cute beach restaurant, for me a very recommendable place for anyone living or just coming to Marbella on vacations. In addition of a great music selection, they have a lovely menu, with a bunch of very tempting and yummy snacks. And, best of all, its beautiful location, where you get a feeling of brainwash when loosen up among the sand dunes. You can definitely feel the taste of the owner, the designer Javier Larraínzar.

Lastly, let me tell you how excited I am about my weekend getaway to celebrate my soulmate’s birthday.She has been my best friend since the five years we shared at the «Monica», my Students Residence in Madrid. I will tell you all about!!! Meanwhile, you could follow it at Instagram, through all the pics I’ll upload for sure!!

Many thanks for reading me and for your comments.

I wish you a very happy weekend!!