Absurdly Thin Smartphone Maybe on the Way

Chinese Vivo rumored to be on the road with a smartphone so thin, that it may be too good to be true

Right now is the thinnest smartphone in the world Gionee Elife S 5.1, which, among other things, come to Europe in the form of KAZAM Tornado 348, but the record stands perhaps for fall-and with lengths even.Rygternes credibility, however, is not the best for purely logical reasons.

Some images that look like press renderings, have found their way to the public via the social network Weibo, and they point to a smartphone that has a thickness of measly 3, 8 mm.
On one of the pictures you can see Vivo phone lie on top of an iPhone 5 or 5S. Apple’s phone will measure 7, 6 mm, and the telephone is clearly thinner Vivos.

Some very simple questions that pop up in your head, when you see a phone like this. Among other things reminded iPhone 6 Plus-launch us that phones can be bent, and it is of course a risk, the thinner the phone is.

In addition, there is not much room to spare for a 3, 5 mm jack socket, for example, and there must also be room for a battery.

Oppo is said to use an alloy of the metal, which is also used for space travel in the future N3. It is about as strong as stainless steel but weighs only one-third. Vivo can use the same material, but the images are asking more questions than they answer.