Add the Digit 9 in the Phone! Android App, iPhone and Windows Phone.

All Brazilian States have to add the 9 on his cell phone, that is, place the 9 digit before the remainder of the other numbers. For example, to add the 9 on his cell phone in Minas Gerais, will be more or less like this: 9XXXX-XXXX. I don’t see much problem in adding the 9 numbers. The problem is to do that with all the contacts in your list. Well, as the famous commercial, “there’s an app for that”. Or, translated, there is an application that places the number 9 for you, automatically. But don’t go installing any application, at any time. Because the update of the numbers to add the digit 9 is gradual. So, whether you are to add the 9 in the Android phone, iPhone or Windows Phone, follow our step by step so you don’t have to fix some error number change.

Before Any Change in Contacts, Make A Backup

Make a backup of all the contacts you have in your unit. So, you will have a clean contacts of any modifications that can be done wrong by the application that you use.

For Android devices, go to settings-> accounts. Tap “Add/manage accounts”. Choose “Google” and enter your username and password from Google. Choose which services on your phone you want to synchronize with Google, and it’ll still join the contacts with their respective emails, social networks, and others. There are other applications that also make the backup, facilitating their work, as the Contacts +. But it is up to you which app you choose.

For the iOS devices, you should use iCloud. Activate the iCloud on your equipment and create an account. After you create the account, tap the option iCloud and then click Contacts. Leave it enabled, and thus, you will have your contacts saved in the cloud automatically. As well as in Android phones, you can use specific applications to make a backup of your contacts. And iPhone owners still have the option of using iTunes: simply connect the device to the computer where iTunes is installed, choose your device and backup the contacts.

In devices with Windows Phone, your contacts are saved in Microsoft (just set the Microsoft account, and can be managed from the site Live Contacts. To save the contacts on the computer, go to the link and click Manage-> export, and save the file on your computer. Do this or use an application for automatic backup of contacts.

As soon as you have saved contacts, can go to install the application to place the 9 digit.

Applications of Operators to Add the 9th Digit

Hi, Vivo, TIM, Claro, Embratel. All these companies have applications to add the 9th digit. This is a universal application, that is, all the most famous operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) has a carrier to add the digit 9. These applications are relatively easy to use, and some add to interesting options, such as adding the mobile operator code from other States. Is the option to add the digit 9 what else we recommend, because it still can help you save money by putting the code in other States operator, avoiding accidents by calling these numbers and end up paying more rates.

To download the application from your carrier to add the 9th digit, simply access the app store on your device and enter the name of your carrier with “9-digit”. For example, if your carrier is Oi, type: Hi 9 digit, in the Windows Store, App Store or at Play Store. Follow the instructions in the application.

Applications to Add the 9th Digit

Two applications stand out beyond the carriers ‘ applications: the 9 digit and the 9 Digits. Both offer the option to choose which contacts have the digit 9 added. The second, even offers the option of a reminder and schedule for the exact day on which the change will be made, so that you do not change the numbers ahead of time.

And there, managed to put the digit 9 with ease? Our tips helped? Need help for anything else?