Adidas LED Watches

Adidas is a German multinational sporting goods company, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Initially, it is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of sportswear, but as the business grows, it opens new lines of business, including the range of watches detailed in this article.

Adidas Watch Range

Adidas has a line of watches called Adidas Watch. You can buy watches for men, women, children and unisex. It has two large product lines , one called “Original” and another called “Sports”. The first line, “Original” , is dedicated to modern watches on the way between the conventional clock and the sports watch. In general, they are watches with needle hands. The second line, “Deportiva”, is composed of watches with the functionalities required by athletes, with functional and simple design, and digital reading. In these designs premium functionality, so that the time is provided with large and clear numbers. However, there are also less sporty watches, such as the Cambrigde model (available for men, ladies and unisex), which features dress watches with metallic aluminum strap and carefully designed.

Adidas Watch Led Range

The “Adidas LED Watch” range of watches is a simple line of futuristic watches, with digital reading, numbers illuminated by led, anti-allergic silicone strap and modern and functional design. The Led Watch range is a unisex range , perfect as a gift for both women and men. The available models are: -Peachtree Led . This model has two different versions, one with led numbers in red and the other with led numbers in blue. -Adidas Led with mirror. This range of watches stands out for its colorful, because the silicone strap has multiple different shades. The watch case is metallic and the crystal of the sphere simulates a mirror until any button is activated to activate the led lights with the hour. More information at: