Advantages of LED Lighting

In the current situation, all of our lamps equipped with LED diodes. LED stands for Light Edmitting Diode and is currently (presumably even years to come) the most efficient light source available.

Ever since the first LED diode white light was invented in the mid 90th century, the development of LEDs gone very quickly. LED has today passed all light sources such as halogen and HID xexon regarding lumen relative to the watt, and continues to extend its lead every year that passes. Today, a Cree XM-L LED diodes produce a brightness of 100 lumens per watt!

Some comparison between different light sources:

Cree XM-L LED = 100+ lumen per watt.

XID xenon = 70 lumen per watt.

Halogen = 25 lumen per watt.

Some advantages of LED

  • Size: The diodes are very small and makes it possible to place the in a smaller fitting. It is very useful in the headlamps when you would like to have the so compact and light as possible, a heavy head lamp on his head annoyed most of.
  • Starting time: From then to press the power button, it takes a split second until the lamp has reached its maximum brightness. It allows for a so-called “strobe” mode where light is blinking very quickly, the position can be used for example, emergencies or to be extra clear.
  • Energy efficiency: according to the blog, a LED diode on 10w gives as much light as a halogen bulb of 40 watts. It makes LEDs very useful when the battery that drives the light need not be as sharp.
  • Heat development: LED diodes are considerably more energy efficient than eghalogen and emit therefore not as much waste heat, it is a prerequisite for the lamp to be kept cooled during use. Although the LED emits less waste heat can sometimes need to lower the brightness if you train in summer or located where it is warm.
  • Resistance: LED diodes consists only of solid components and therefore can withstand shocks better than light sources consisting of filament. It is a great advantage as standard halogen bulbs have a tendency to break if the light is jarring, something that often happens regardless if you play sports, camping or working on a construction site.

Our lamps

All the lights on our site are equipped with LEDs from Cree, US, the world leader in LED. We sell mainly lamps with two different types of diodes, Cree XM-L U2 and Cree XM-L T6. The difference between these diodes are the Cree XM-L U2 is Cree’s latest diode and gives an average of 7% more light at the same amperage than its predecessor Cree XM-L T6.