Advantages of Normal Childbirth

One of the most awaited days, and at the same time the scariest for any pregnant woman, is the day of childbirth.

Advantages of Normal Childbirth

The day your baby finally comes out from within you, it’s also a day when you will have indescribable feelings.

In the head of a pregnant woman, there are several concerns regarding delivery. The baby’s safety and the pain he’s going to feel are perhaps the greatest.

There are more and more techniques and methods that allow the pregnant woman to have a natural birth with few pains. Currently, delivery with the aid of the epidural is the most chosen form for pregnant women worldwide.

And if this is the most common method that allows a natural birth with fewer pains, there are still other forms, such as delivery within water, or delivery with massages, which also have a sufficiently anesthetic effect, and which reduce pain at childbirth normal.

But why have a normal birth? What are the advantages of this type of delivery in relation to others, such as cesarean delivery? Know the advantages of normal birth for baby and mother.

Advantages of Normal Baby Delivery

– In normal delivery, as soon as it is born, the baby is given to the mother, which has a calming effect on the baby.
– When it is born, when passing through the vaginal canal, the pressure of its walls massages the body of the baby. This first touch allows not surprising the touch of the hands of the doctor, nurses and mother.
– Also due to the pressure of the walls of the vagina, the baby’s rib cage will be compressed, which will cause the liquids that are in the lungs to go out easier.
– The hormonal changes that occur in labor, help your baby to be more active, and respond more easily to what surrounds him.

Advantages of normal birth for the mother

– In the normal birth can have contact with the child as soon as it is born;
– In this type of delivery, the hospital stay is shorter;
– Lower risk of infection;
– Natural childbirth promotes the production of breast milk;
– Recovery is much faster in a normal birth;
“If you do normal labor, next time labor will be faster and easier.”