Advertising Coming Soon to Snap Chat

There are advertisements on the way to Snap chat, so the company can begin to make money-they do not yet.

Snap chat app has gained immense popularity, and millions of users worldwide have downloaded it and uses it extensively. The app is free, and that means that the team behind to get money from somewhere else, and it will be advertising.

It is, however, not in the message portion of the Snap chat, that one can see the promotions for various products. The advertisements will show up under the Stories and Our Stories.

Snap chats Chief, Evan Spiegel tells that the advertisements will be coming ‘ soon ‘, and that it will be possible to be able to skip them over.

Snap chat was recently assessed to be worth 10 billion dollars, representing about 56 billion Danish kroner, in spite of the fact that the app was running without an income. It will be so turned on now.