Aig Promotes Bike Tours Through the City of São Paulo

American International Group, Inc. (AIG), in order to help build a better tomorrow, is carrying out a variety of activities that enhance people’s well-being and safety. On September 22, the Company sponsored the second night cycling tour through the streets of São Paulo.

With the support of the Friends of Bike Club (CAB), the 20-kilometer ride brought together more than 50 people.”The opportunity to celebrate World Car Free Day together with a company as serious as AIG is sensational. In addition to helping to promote the date, AIG thought about the safety of all cyclists present and offered safety kits with safety equipments, which included helmets and reflecting lights,”says Professor Sergio Augusto Affonso, President and founder of CAB.

According to the City Hall of São Paulo, by 2015 the city will have 400 kilometers of cycle paths, but unfortunately the coexistence between cyclists and drivers is not always friendly.”Everyone has rights and duties and AIG wants to promote a healthier life with the help of pedals, to help make these rules clear and reduce accidents,” says Lúcio Pedro Mocsányi- Corporate Communications Superintendent at AIG Brasil.

This year, the insurer is incorporating welfare actions inside and outside the company. In August, the Company has already promoted a bike ride for its employees and now in September, a tour to integrate the community, and other rides will still take place until the end of 2014. The actions are part of AIG’s guideline, which works to ensure a Tomorrow and the well being of people.