Aircraft Were Evacuated after the Explosion of a “Safe” Note 7:

Yesterday was a plane evacuated after a passenger’s mobile began to emit strong fumes. Yes, it was a Note 7, but what’s worse-it was a converted unit.

Passengers and crew aboard the yesterday’s Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville to Baltimore got themselves something of an unpleasant surprise when they shortly before departure were asked to evacuate the plane due to an exploding cell phone.

Fortunately no one on board the aircraft for damage, but on the other hand, it is probably more Samsung, this story is going to hurt. For Yes, there was talk of a Galaxy Note 7, but what was worse, it was a new and exchange of so-called “safe” device, which caused the accident.

It writes our site, who have been in contact with the owner of the crashed Note 7, Brian Green. He would allegedly had gotten hold of his new cell in a us AT & T store on 21. September, and thus, by definition, a mobile device without any danger.

Further one can on the image of Brian Green’s Note 7-box below, see the little black box that just is indicator that we have with a secure device to do.

But it turned out so not to be the case. According to The Verge had green off the phone after receiving instructions from the flight crew and put it in his pocket, as it started to emit smoke.

Subsequently, he had thrown it down on the floor, where a thick greenish-gray smoke still came from the phone and put an end to this flight.

Allegedly the phone had been at around 80% battery level and had only been left up with a wireless charger in its rather short life.

On our site, they have also checked this Note 7 ‘s IMEI number, and on Samsung’s test page for hit/secure units, they were greeted by the message: “good news! Your phone is NOT one of the affected devices. “

Quite good news can be shown safely say it is not for Samsung, as all else being equal, must be in a bit of a shock at the moment, and it seems that the crisis will take no end. In a comment on The Verge, they have also a little carefully pronounced:

“Until we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the device, we can not confirm whether this accident involves a new Note 7. We are now working with the authorities and Southwest to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device, we will have more information to share. “

Right now is the maligned Note 7-device in the hands of the Fire Department in Louisville, where it will be examined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The other day we could tell how Samsung have now set in motion the official sale of Note 7 again, but if this story is going to change the image gets really interesting to follow.

What are you thinking? Do you dare to buy Note 7, or do they have many stories made you think differently?

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