Alinne Moraes Fashion

By Isabel Rodrigues/Associated Press Content

The earrings, the white jumpsuit and Navy Blue blazer worn by Livia, Alinne Moraes character in beyond time are part of a wish list of the telespectadoras of the Globe. Is that, in the second phase of the plot of Elizabeth Jhin, the peasant gave way to a successful and safe sommelière, who wears sober and stylish.

Responsible for the look of Yoe is Natalia Duran. The costume designer, with the actress’s own guesses, says wardrobe of Livia is a success for being prepared with practical models, who value the body, besides being very feminine.

-Parts of it serve as a reference to a new way of the Executive dress. We have the idea that entrepreneurs always use bland, but it’s not something that should be rule. Livia came to demystify this – explains.

In the opinion of the professional, Livia is a woman who has nothing of frivolous, unlike. Is someone who doesn’t waste money on poor quality articles.

-She invests in costumes that last a long time and she can repeat-says.

To be chic and, at the same time, use a visual stripped as the character, is easy: simply choose to sober colors like black, white, beige, Navy Blue, and be careful with embossed. She has only a part with a geometric print.
-When we want to break the monochromatic, we bet in stripes. But if the person paying attention in colors and avoid the prints, is already on the right track – suggests Natalia.

Stylish accessories

Key parts, which are essential in costume, are a black trousers with leather band in front, the German fashion house Hugo Boss, and a Navy Blue Cardigan with gold buttons, the Frenchwoman Chanel.

The accessories also make up the look. The earring Bouquet (the Romance collection, pictured below) was made especially for the jewelry designer Carla Amorim to the novel, as well as a time trial, ordered size.

-Earring adorns the face and, as Livia is very hectic, there could be a very large piece, which swing all the time. We watch as if it had been given by her grandfather – explains Natalia.

A black bag with golden chain, the New York designer Carolina Herrera, and the unfailing Bootie, unbranded revealed, the winning production.

Garment items, however, are better in people longilíneas. The cuts are all very straight and may end up flattening who does not have the same physical type.

-But of course, with some adaptations, everyone can use the visual of Livia-ends the fashion specialist.