Amazon’s Mobile-Failure: the Problem Was the Price

Four Phone from Amazon has so far been a huge failure, and Amazon even knows why it went so bad.

Amazon’s Four Phone is first written into the smartphone market for Amazon, but it has not been a successful debut. Amazon admitted that the phone has cost them millions of dollars, but they also know why. The price was too high.

David Limp, which is one of the heads of Amazon’s Department of the physical devices it says bluntly that Amazon does not hit the price right. Although Amazon thought they had hit the price right, so they are willing to say that it was wrong, and it is now fixed, says David Limp.

Originally cost phone 199 dollars, but it took only a few months before the award was put down to 99 cents-not much more than a flat Fiver. Amazon holds around 83 million dollars in unsold phones, but to stick to its strategy.

Amazon will continue to work on Four Phone, and the large firm will still look at the long course in relation to the company’s role in the smartphone market.