Amber Necklace Models

The amber necklace became popular with women recently, it consists of a necklace made ​​of a resin plant that is found mainly in the region of the Baltic, a very rare resin, so be careful there are many people selling amber necklace in fact or amber are in fact is pure plastic.

The reason for the success of this type of jewelry is the effect it causes in babies say this necklace is able to reduce the pain and discomfort of the babies at the stage of dentition and to ensure a peaceful sleep to the baby. These necklaces are so successful that in Brazil many stores sell this type of accessory for more than R $ 60,00.

Amber necklace acts on the baby when there is contact between the baby’s skin and the collar, when this occurs the collar releases an acid called “succinic acid” which according to studies this substance stimulates the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and improves metabolic activity. According to the mothers who use this accessory really relieves pain in the gums and swelling that may occur in the baby’s teething phase. Therefore the success of amber necklace.

There is no way to prove the effectiveness of amber necklace or if it is just a mere tradition, who uses ensures that the accessory really works, but there is no scientific study proving the effectiveness of the collar benefits. The Brazilian Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends not using the accessory to represent an item of high risk of suffocation.

But if you choose to try the amber necklace, there are some recommendations:

  • Do not put a tight collar on the baby as it can be choked with the cord, always choose longer cords;
  • Always stay alert as the baby is the necklace, since we know that every baby loves to put anything and everything in the mouth and depending on the force he pull the collar it can break and swallow some part of the collar and choke, constant attention on the baby is important;
  • Take the baby’s collar when he is sleeping because we are not as wide open in the baby’s eyes is strongly recommended to take the attachment, because accidents happen when we least expect.
  • Check the origin of the collar and if it is really amber is important since appeared several similar versions of the product there.

To present the risk of strangulation, suffocation and choking if the baby swallows some of the necklace many are against the use of paste in babies. However, there is amber necklace available for adult audiences, then the desired effect for the use of adult amber necklace would be a better night’s sleep, depression, memory loss and anxiety.

Traditionally the amber stone is used as a talisman against the evil eye and all negative energy, says the tradition that the stone absorbs all the negative energy and has a power to cure all the ills of our body. To have the desired effect you have to rub the stone in his hand, in the case of paste skin contact with the stone is already guaranteed.

There are on the market several colors available necklace, but always remembering check the origin of the paste to not buy pig in a poke.

The amber necklace gained notoriety and popularity thanks to celebrities who began publishing photos of their babies using the accessory, an example to be cited famous using the amber necklace on your baby is the model Gisele Bundchen and actress Barbara Borges. We all know that the famous influence and much in the way that we dress our children and it was enough to use famous amber necklace and comment on their benefits for attachment become a rage among women.

The discussion on the effectiveness of certainty with amber necklace use last long, yet if there is scientific evidence of its effectiveness, but between science and tradition, there is only one element that we can be sure, every mother wants the best for your child and if there is a way to ease his pain in teething stage, there is no scientific evidence to do to convince her not to resort to such deception. Therefore, if the choice is the use of amber necklace, attention in its use when the baby is the necklace, the key word is attention. Since attention and affection are the words that define what is to be a mother.

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E-mail sent by a very good reader of people:


I liked your site and article on amber necklace.

I am German midwife and know and use the collar for a long time. An information in your article is wrong, the collar should be short (not long) to avoid the risk of the baby choking. The longer more risk has the baby to hook a thing with him. It should be around 32cm and not more than that. This are the European officiais safety standards amber necklace.

A second thing, paste the stones are too small to pose a risk of suffocation when they are swallowed by the baby.

The rest of the article is informative. Liked it.”