Android 4.4.4 and Eye Experience Ready to HTC One (M8)

In the wake of the launch of the HTC Eye Experience, get the HTC One (M8) users Eye functions together with system update.

Do you own an HTC One (M8) you can already now try HTC’s Eye Experience. The new software features as dual recording, face recognition and voice-activation is included in the upgrade to Android 4.4.4.

In addition to the bug fixes are available in the Google Android 4.4.4, perpetuating the update these features from Eye Experience:

  • Face detection: the camera follows up to four faces at a time during video chat and keeps them within the angle of view.
  • Facial fusion: take a self-portrait and mix your face with your friends ‘ or a celebrity.
  • Voice Selfie: Remote control the camera and take a picture or a selfie by saying ‘ Smile ‘ or ‘ Record ‘.
  • Live Makeup. Give your selfies a digital retouching while shooting.
  • Photo collage: takes 4 selfies and put together into a single image, like in a fotobås.

The update takes up 252 MB and is sent at the time of writing out to Danish HTC One (m8).