Android Lollipop Is the Country-the 10 Best News

Google has together with Nexus and Nexus 6 9 also presented Android 5.0, which gets the name Lollipop.

The next round of Android has been presented in its finished form, and with it, it is time to just to summarize some of the things that is new in Android 5.0. There have been previews out there in a while, so we have been able to test early versions, but now it is the real thing.

There are always many things to crack down on in an update on an operating system, and we can not get around on them all-we must realize from the start.

Instead, we have chosen to name 10 of the things that are going to get the greatest impact. You are of course more than welcome to comment on what I think are some of the important new parts of the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The developers’ sneak peek for Nexus and Nexus 7 5 can be downloaded from the 17. October, however, the official version will be coming regularly after Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 comes on the street on 3.November. The two new Nexus devices has of course Android Lollipop from birth.

1 – Lollipop

Android Lollipop. The ends enough to be what version will be called, and therefore it is obviously important to be able to name. Google continues the tradition of naming Android releases after sweets in alphabetical order, and this time we have come to L.

Lollipop was one of the early favorites on rumour base, and it was also you, our readers, favorite, when we asked you. In the fall the rope was liquorice also mentioned, and there was speculation about a commercial name like KitKat, Lion, for example, but such was not.

2 – Material Design

Google has introduced a brand new design concept in Android Lollipop, as they have chosen to call Material Design. It is meant to be a more clean and somewhat more subdued design language, and in this way, it is also a little more modern.

Google has already started to change part of its services, so that they fall within the new Material Design concept, and so we have also been examined on it in Android Lollipops developer preview.

3 – Longer battery life

If there are no more battery, so is one’s smartphone is essentially just a block, and it is not nice. Therefore, Google has installed a feature of Android Lollipop, which should give a 90-minute use extra.

In addition, there are also more opportunities to get an overview of one’s use of its battery, so you can optimize it, and there is also an estimate of how long is left before your phone is charged up.

4 – 64-bit

Android now supports 64-bit units, and this means that there will be screwed up for performance. A 64-bit processor can work significantly faster than 32-bit, and thus have been opened up for a step up when it comes to the power of thought.

At this point, Android hanged after iOS that relatively long has supported 64-bit processors.

5 – ART

The abbreviation stands for Android RunTime, and it means that Android Lollipop will appear much more liquid, and will respond faster. Together with Google’s Material Design-philosophy can be a really good experience.

ART will also mean that apps in the background will be managed in a better way, so they are not so demanding, but also so that they can start up faster.

6 – the photographer’s playground

On the photo page, there is also a fine thing to download, especially if you like to geek out a little with his pictures. Among other things, will Android Lollipop support RAW format, so there are a lot of opportunities to post-process his images.

Android Lollipop will also give more control over the individual parts of the camera, so you can get exactly the shots you want.

7 – Also lydmandens playground

There is also good news for those who would like to have better sound out of your Android device. There are several options to edit audio files in the professional programs, and also less lag in the sound during calls.

It is also possible to get sound out of the USB port so you can connect USB devices in the style of speakers and headphones to his phone.

8 – Smarter connection

Android Lollipop will be better to choose the right network so that you do not connect to a ‘ dead ‘ WiFi networks and thus losing its data connection. It will also be more energy-efficient to search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

There will also be smooth switching between WiFi and cellular networks, so you can stream the last 10 minutes of the football match on the way out the door, without it being interrupted.

9 – Guest users

It will be possible to create guest users, for if children must show great-grandmother a video on YouTube, and they do not have to erase one’s working documents by mistake. This applies to both phones and tablets.
You can also have multiple users on phones, and although it probably won’t be used as much as with tablets, so it has a nice additional feature. You lose your phone, you can log in to another Android phone and find his contacts there. So you can call mom and say that your phone is gone.

10 – Safety

Google automatically encrypts the data locally on your phone. It has been disputed, but it protects what we want in peace on one’s phone.

There is also increased security in relation to stolen phones. In order to delete all data on your phone, you must enter its password, and thus can not reach twenty to reinstall the phone before you can manage to unlock it.