Android Lollipop: See Three New, Cool Features (Video)

With Android Lollipop is there improved notification settings and Chrome tabs have been overhauled, view the result here.

In the past we have looked a bit on what we can expect from the upcoming Lollipop update of Android, among other things, the new Material Design, longer battery life and the new NATURE of the runtime environment.

Now the Droid Life has found some of the lesser-known features like Google has infused Lollipop and made a small series of video clips. Below is a video which discusses Screen Pinning, then new notification options, and finally some changes Chrome tabs.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a feature that lets you attach a particular application to the monitor so that it is the only app that is immediate available. It can be used to share something with someone else, which does not necessarily have to have the opportunity to bounce back on the home screen or just see who you have called or written to last.

Notification settings

This video shows how to change its notification settings for individual applications, among other things, can you block completely for notifications, you can set the priority so you can get the key at the top of its list and finally you can put some to sensitive which essentially means that they do not appear when the phone is in the locked mode.
You can also see that we will have a direct shortcut to the notification control with the two volume keys on the side-just like you can adjust the volume today.

Chrome tabs

The final video shows how all the same open Chrome tabs can be shown in the app list instead of only having the standalone Chrome application. This means that you can jump to the correct loss faster, but also, unfortunately, that they have removed the small list inside the Chrome which specifies how many tabs you have open.