Android Lollipops Statue Has Arrived

There has been a new round of Android, and it has been given a new name-now is the corresponding statue also come.

Google has a tradition of naming the new, major updates of Android for candy, and that game ended so get the name Android Lollipop. However, there is also another tradition, namely that there will be a statue in front of the Google headquarters, illustrating the name.

Now Google’s Android Lollipop statue so also come to the Googleplex, as Google’s headquarters is called. A couple of Google employees have put up pictures of the new statue, so we also can see the other.

It ended so with a little less assumption of version compared to the well-known Android-the other statues are far along the way only their name.

This time it’s simply Androids known front figure, holding a lollipop. Whether it is the sign for ‘victory’ or ‘peace’ in the other hand, it is immediately a second question.