Android N Hides the Freeform Mode

On the occasion of the arrival of the first alpha of Android N, we got to see some of the interesting innovations that will be introduced with the new release of Android. This Google has worked, what has emerged so far, out of an update can bring, at last, the official in multi windows stock and on all Android devices that will be using this system release. New products available are obviously very much and you can see them taking a look at our first video tour of Android N, while keep emerging new hidden safely inside of the lines of code of Android N, far from being used, at least at present.

One is with the presence of numerous references to Freeform Mode, a mode that would allow you to transform the look of Android using Resizable Windows, complete with dedicated keys to zoom in and left to themselves, making it likely to be similar to what was seen on Remix OS. The most interesting aspect is that freeform mode is fully described within the official guide published by Google in reference to new support multi window; just search for the term “freeform” to find ben 11 references.

Last year, on the occasion of the first Developer Preview release of Marshmallow, were found the first traces of multi windows functionality in experimental mode, which came a year later on the next release. Given the extensive references to Freeform Mode within the pages Google, this year the situation may be different , and how might arrive already within the final release of Android N, maybe just on Pixels C, the device with which Google aims to unite the world of tablets with the laptop. As described by Google, this mode will be activated at the discretion of the OEM, who can insert it as an additional option along with multiwindows already sighted.

For the moment there is no way to make it work; even the “tricks” that have made it possible to activate the multi screen on Android M no longer seem to work. The inability to do so was also confirmed by a Google engineer, then we will have to wait some more time, or maybe a year, to have the first screenshot of how it should look like Android designed for use in Windows. In any case, there is more and more the future operating system from Google, which looks with interest the world “PC”; Maybe we won’t see Android-based desktops, but a future of convertible and set-top box designed for a desktop-like usage is increasingly likely.