Androids Inventor Leaving Google

Andy Rubin was one of the main men behind Google’s Android mobile operating system – but now he slips from Google.

Though his name may not be the most well known in the public, so have Andry Rubin’s contributions to the tech world has been great. He is one of the main men behind Android, which controls the vast majority of the world’s smartphones. Android now belong to Google, but it makes Andy Rubin no longer.

Rubin helped to found Android Inc., which was purchased by Google, and he was at the head of Android until March 2013, where he got another role in the company. Now, he has chosen to say goodbye to Google.

Future plans, however, is not entirely clear to the outside world, since Rubin only hat told, that he will work with start-up companies that will work with tech-hardware.

It’s hard to hit so right twice, as Rubin proved to do with Android. This does not, however, that Andy Rubin is a man who is worth keeping an eye on in the future because of his experience and expertise.