Angry Birds Transformers Ready for Download

Autobirds battling Deceptihogs in the latest Angry Birds game which has a somewhat adnerledes gameplay than we are used to.

Fans of the popular game where pigs and birds come tangle can now enjoy over to the next game from Finnish Rovio now is on the street for Android. However, is not quite as you know playing style it, instead of the familiar Slingshot and puzzle-courts, fighting Autobirds against Deceptihogs in a platform game where you run and shot at life loose.

The game is free to download and play, but is built up as a freemium model which can be purchased a large number of extra things with in-app currency. One can therefore either choose to spend time to get through the many levels and collect the diamonds you need to upgrade, or you can use real money at it-which is what Rovie hopes to achieve.

If you don’t necessarily feel we need to complete the game on an afternoon, it is a very entertaining game that offers a number of heroes with unique abilities and vehicles.