Apple Event on Thursday-That We Expect

On Thursday, Apple keeps another event, and there can be many things on the program for all the Apple fans.

Although Apple recently unveiled their iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, so there is not many days to Tim Cook and co. are standing on stage again.

It’s probably no more iPhones to be displayed, but Apple also do many other things to show up on Thursday at 19 Danish time.

Apple may have anything from iMacs to iPads lined up when they again opens it doors, and especially the screens can get a lot of attention, after Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus went over their Retina-resolution.

iPad Air

It is virtually certain that there will be a new iPad Air from Apple. What’s going to happen with the new version compared to the old, there are more question marks about.

That comes with most likely a new processor, like that made in iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, and so expect most that Touch ID come to the iPad — the first time the technology comes in one of Apple’s tablets.

We have already got some pictures that would show the new Apple iPad Air 2, as it is likely to come to is called. You can see the pictures here.

In addition, there is also a good chance that we will be able to get an iPad Air 2 with a bit of it – which should for Midas be a Gold version on the way, in addition to the classic white and black.

After Full HD in iPhone 6 Plus, as Apple has dubbed the Retina HD, there is also talk about Apple’s iPad Air 2 will get a screen with higher resolution. Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a pixel density of just over 400, and there may be something similar in store for iPad Air 2.

On the video front, there may also be a new layer anti-reflection en route, so the screen becomes more evident.

Apple apparently also working on a version of the iPad, which should measure the entire 12.9 “, but it should only come next year. If we’re lucky, we get an early version to view, but it is doubtful.

iPad Mini

If Apple keeps their pattern with one update per year, so there is also an iPad Mini in wait. The excitement here is whether it also actually comes.

NET is usually filled with rumors about everything between heaven and Earth, but about a new iPad Mini has been amazingly quiet.

However, it is with a degree of certainty that we can say that there also will be new from Apple on this front, and one can expect improvements similar to those on the iPad Air 2.

That is to say a Touch-sensor in the home-button ID, a layer of anti-reflex on the screen, and probably also a new processor like family members iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6.


For the first time, we can get an iMac to see with Apple’s Retina display. Apple gives a little more gas in pixels for the first time on one of their desktop computers, and many will see as a welcome addition.

The size of this or these iMacs with Retina display, however, is not sure yet, and so it is also hard to predict an actual resolution. Some believe that it will be a 27-inch screen with a 5 k resolution, but it is rumored in the looser.

In addition, there is the classic updates in specifications, which in all likelihood will get a boost in one degree or another, such as a slightly faster processor.

Os X Yosemite

It is a while ago, we saw the first draft, but now is Apple’s operating system for the big screens by being ready for real.

There is a great interaction with iOS in Apple’s OS X Yosemite, and it has, among other things, the opportunity to pick up the phone, if it is close, and one can smoothly continue working on a document from iOS and on the desktop.

The design has also got itself overhauled, and perhaps it helps to give a higher resolution at the next iMacs – OS X Yosemite does it best with many pixels.

Apple TV

Invitation to Apple’s come-along sounds ‘ it’s been way too long ‘, as on the Danish will sound in the direction of ‘ it’s too long ago ‘.

One of the things that have gone the longest without a new version from Apple is their Apple TV. Apple’s streaming box, which at the same time can get the Apple screen up on the tv.

The latest version of Apple TV is from January last year, and so it is about to be back up with a new version. Streaming services have been an increasingly important place in people’s homes, and therefore it will be saved with a brand new model.


It is not certain that there will be new MacBooks right first. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both have been some improvements in the course of the year, so that is why there will be probably no new before long.

There are relatively specific rumors of a MacBook Air 12 “with Retina display, but as it stands right now, then comes the first of next year. Therefore, it can of course still be a guest at the scene on Thursday, just in an early version.