Apple iPad Air 2: the First Meeting [Web]

How does one iPad Air better? It makes the thinner, faster, easier and gives it a brighter screen.

Follow with iPadens development, you already know that the iPad Air 2 actually is the fifth generation of the tablet that turned up and down in the market for portable and hand-held computers.

Sales figures of barely a quarter of a billion devices speaks its own language, but it must at the same time, tydlige give Apple grey hair, for how to convince one iPad users, or other curious, to the need of new?

From Apple, the answer is not revolutionary, but rather a total-evolution, the new iPad is improved on most fronts. iPad Air 2 is therefore 30 grams lighter, 1, 4 mm thinner, 40 to 150% faster, houses a better camera and contains subtle improvements such as clearer display and fingerprint reader-and Yes, you can also get it in gold color.

iPad Air therefore does not, but nevertheless brings revolutionizes a strip developments as lures. View with underneath where takes a first look at the tablet to be lifting the heavy iPad-heritage.