Apple iPad Air-Benchmark

Benchmark testing of Apple’s iPad Air shows a potentially super fast tablet.

iPad Air, which is the last new tablet from Apple, comes officially for sale on Friday, 1. November.

iPad Air is as the name suggests, thinner and lighter than some of its predecessors, but is it as fast as Apple would like to do it?

John Pole from Primate Labs Geekbench 3 has published a benchmark for iPad Air, is showing that the newest tablet from Apple can be a speed monster.

iPad Air has a 64-bit processor 1.4 GHz, A7 there in 1465 and single-core test scores in the multi-core test when 2643.

And just as Apple described it at the presentation, so is the iPad Air two times faster than the 4.generation of iPad and five times faster than the iPad 2.