Apple iPad Mini 3: Goldilocks Drawers [Test]

Review: tradition emits Apple new iPads by the end of the year, and we have now reached 3.generation of the iPad Mini series.

Steve Jobs presented in person the first iPad back in 2010. Electronics product since then has been a resounding success, and has throughout the years matured design-wise and tuned on the performance page.

Not long ago so the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 light, and is the latest tablet-castings from tech-giant. The more compact size of 7.9 “fell in good taste among consumers, and the mini-series has therefore kept by.

iPad sales have, however, recently suffered a decline in sales – is due to this that consumers already have the iPad, that competition has improved or happens too little innovation?

We are now at 3. generation of énhånds-Tablet and our site looks at whether the new Mini is big news.

Standing well design

Since the first iPad Mini came into the world, there is not much has happened in terms of appearance, iPads, however, has always received great praises for build quality and design.

The same applies with the iPad Mini 3. You’ll find the familiar aluminum adorned back as by its predecessor, and so are button and speaker location intact. However, what is new is the new adopters color option in gold.

Gold color will be diligently used by producers and mostly share the waters with regard to consumer preferences. Apple manages to attach the iPad Mini one, to a greater extent, exclusive look with this color.

However, it is a pity that the LTE version, must come to terms with the mildly unsuccessful implementation of polycarbonate rear. Its function is to help the signal through and take, Furthermore, against discoloration from its surroundings.


Screen from iPad Mini 2 goes again.

With the same Retina resolution of 2048 x 1536 at a 7.9 “screen, you end up with a perfectly sharp screen experience and good viewing angles. The colors are, however, still more easily leached compared to its big brother the iPad Air 2, which, with its thinner profile got a layer anti reflective coating.

The screen itself is, however, quite satisfactory, but disappointing it is when no attention has been given.

The new news is the home button has now been transformed into the really acclaimed fingerprint scanner – Touch ID. Since Apple implemented the time saving touch in iPhone 5S, has put art as well then – it should, however, be Huawei Ascend Mate 7

It works like on iPhones – smoothly and quickly, it feels, however, far from just as natural in such a device.

Are you on the safe side and has played safe with a record long password, you may be using. “1Password” or “Last Password” save all his passwords under one roof. If the application supports fingerprint reading, one can so easily evade the many key and quickly retrieve passwords from code DJ.

In addition to this, there is not much availability of touch button, when iPads reportedly not available with Apple Pay that perhaps in the future lands in Denmark – you would like to pay with its tablet.

The same components, same performance

The previous generation of Ipad Air and Mini shared the same components.

Now Ipad Air 2 has grown from his little brother and have gotten more horsepower with its A8 chip. Mini 3 left, unfortunately, with the older and more sedate A7.

This, however, does not mean that Mini 3 is a lazy companion, since challenges resolved without stuttering and stammering. Graphics-intensive games going on fine, fluid, and is accompanied by the pleasing to the ear’s speaker that unfortunately only find themselves at the bottom.

Apple will continue to be commended for providing a smooth and quick user experience, despite the modest 1 GB RAM and dual-core processor.

Entertainment will take with no end iPad Mini 3. In our tests of its predecessor , we were pleasantly surprised by the operating time, and the same applies here. In standby tube battery percentage undeniably on it, and you must game intensive, you can look forward to 6 hours of entertainment.

iPad Mini 3 swimmer excellently in the Danish 4 g-waves and in combination with the battery’s profits, you have the perfect WiFi hotspot when the connection will be shared.

In terms of spaciousness, it is possible for 16, 64 and 128 GB – so is it Golden between increments of 32 GB left out.

You go for the smallest solution, one must bear in mind that the system occupies small 5 GB.


IOS 8 – small but good news

ipads large competitive advantage is the large amount of tablet-optimized applications, where the extra bolt rings space be utilized for full. With iOS Apple on the otherwise very weakened form 8 tighten the reins and share more features to come.

For example, third-party keyboards now welcome on the display surface.

Swiftkey is popular among Android users, and would be called for to use it in Mini 3 it is now possible. You just log in with Google or Facebook, after which all saved slang term automatically transferred.Unfortunately, there is no way to go, since the predictions and the swype function is not precise enough.

Now is also to be found in iOS 8 Widgets – small Windows that give you the necessary information, without opening the application. However, in topgardinet, they are hiding there now is left tidy and only houses two columns: “today” and “messages”.

One can thus quickly display wind and weather or the latest news. However, we must be aware of the application “requirements”: for example, no two shows list Wunder-Dos are not set to the day in question.

Proper optics

Apple believes in picture shooting with iPads since they in Air 2 has deployed a larger 8MP camera with the option of “Burst mode” and slow motion.

Again is the Mini 3 only bestowed on previous-generation optics, which really is approved as the primary mission not memorialise moments.

The camera is still one of the better to actually find in Tablet PCs nowadays.

The colors are realistically reproduced by proper lighting and the camera is quick to focus with its 5 MP and f/2.4 lens. It is also possible to shoot with HDR function as well as take quite sensible panoramic photos.

Video ago caught with 1080 p and Full HD is thereby. The optical image stabilization is saved away, where software does the work to stabilize the unstable human hand.

To the playful, you can also shoot “time-lapse video” filming slowly, and replayer video in high speed to achieve the cool sunset effect as seen in the film. However, this requires a good deal of time and stable surface.

3rd generation is not a charm

iPad Mini 3 as on the paper identical with its predecessor, yet there was on a different or new experience – and that disappoints Apple.

The tablet itself is a rock-solid performer with its aesthetic design and high usability. The screen is, in spite of no improvement, still one of the better in his League, and size appeals to many.

Unfortunately, it is just more of the same. The possibility of gold is certainly exciting, but being that only new together with Touch ID, there is too little new under the Sun to impress.

The 3. generation of iPad Minis price rental start: 2999.0-NOK 700 dollars more expensive than its predecessor – so where the subtle changes do not do the recommended compared to the. Further, Apple has removed the possibility of 32 GB, and therefore pushes the people up in the pricier 64 GB where some most likely do not need so much space.

You can get the iPad Mini 2 with 32 GB to 2,599.0-kroner, or 1. generation iPad Air there good enough take up more space, but also carries the better-looking screen for the same money.

iPad Mini 3 lands therefore on 4 out of 6 stars.