Apple iPad Mini 3 Is Not Worth the Price [Comment]

You prefer the smaller iPad mini, you can save a lot of money by skipping the new model, and select last year’s model.

Are you looking for a smaller tablet, there is money to be saved by jumping the new iPad mini 3 over, when Apple release the new iPads loose next week. In Apple’s new portfolio is the only big brother iPad Air 2 that get access to the new benefits.

Big brother iPad Air 2 boasts a record slim profile on 6.1 mm, 8% lighter weight, better 8MP camera and a thorough overhaul of the engine room. The new mechanics are now up to 40% faster in General, but on the graphics chip, on the other hand, are up to 150% faster.

You on the other hand, scrutinises the iPad mini 3 ‘s Tech sheet there is not much new to track. The only technical difference lies in Touch ID, fingerprint reader that makes it easier to lock the phone up, and make purchases without having to type the password.

The price difference between equivalent versions of the mini 3 and mini 2 is at 700 kroner, and although Touch ID is convenient, it seems to be extremely expensive for the benefit of the technology.

Not quite indifferent mini

However, there may be some good reasons to prefer the more expensive iPad mini 3. Do you need 64 GB storage or more, there is no way around it to invest in iPad mini 3. Is your favorite color to gold tablets you must also past the more expensive iPad mini 3.

At the same time, the iPad mini 3 only newly published, and there may be subtle differences hidden behind technique the magazine. The operating time can be improved, the screen may have a better picture and the camera may be better to take photos.

But apart from Apple’s undisclosed information, there is not much to be said for their new mini tablet.