Apple iPhone 6: The Golden Mean [Test]

Review: Apple’s smaller iPhone 6 is bigger and faster, but it is, first and foremost, compromises when they are best.

When Apple ceo Tim Cook showed off the iPhone 6 last month was the surprise limited. The event was the culmination of months of drip shown leaked rumors, and even before the event, it became clear that Apple would try it with larger displays in their landmark smartphone.

Even though iPhone 6 seems to be among Apple’s most popular mobiles ever, smoke the news quickly in the background, Apple did at the entrance in new and untried pastures: phablets and wearables.

Apple has long hesitated to bring big screens to market, because the defunct Steve Jobs not so value in large mobiles. But times are changing, and the time is ripe for a larger iPhone, but only if it can match Apple’s expectations for user experience and finish. For Apple, this is not about being first, but to be the best.

At the launch also averred Tim Cook to Apple’s reticence on the display front, due to the fact that until now could not be both thin enough and mobiles at the same time light enough. It is the now, at the same time, iOS 8 finished baked and we can therefore welcome a larger iPhone 6 welcome.

Screen on 4.7 “finds itself firmly between its predecessor iPhone 5/5s and older brother iPhone 6+. For many Apple fans or iOS-curious is the iPhone 6 Smartphone in Apple’s Goldilocks-portfolio: not too big, not too small, but just right.

The increase is the iPhone’s screen with it alone among small, elegant topmobiler here. Now splashing the iPhone 6 directly down the slick with Android rivals who have long since grown from Apple. The question is why Apple can convince in a field packed with rivals?

Specifications Apple iPhone 6:

Goals: 138x67x6, 9 mm, 129 grams
Display: 4.7 “display, 1334×750 resolution, 326 PPI
Camera: 8 MP f/2.2 optics, 1.2 MP front camera. Full HD video 60 fps 240 fps slow-motion
Performance: Apple A8 1.4 GHz dual-core, PowerVR graphics, 1 GB RAM
Storage space: 16/64/128 GB
Software: iOS 8
Battery: 1810 mAh
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g/LTE cat. 4, up to 150 mbps
Moreover: Touch ID, Apple Pay, NFC, available in silver, gold or space gray
Price: DKK for 16 GB, 5,199 5,999 DKK for 64 GB and 128 GB 6,799 kr for

With the iPhone 6 seems Apple to scrap it fine, but delicate, in the design of his predecessor. Instead points to standardise the relevant rules in Apple’s recent design of a design language: iPods, iPads and iPhones are now scary alike.

There is now nothing in the way of. Apple, glass and polished aluminium is a long love novel, as refined further at each chapter, and finally live happily ever after.
iPhone 6 unites therefore curved glass front, with a rounded aluminium chassis. The phone is thin, extremely thin, and together with the light weight at 129 grams, give it a feather-light touch Apple’s new darling.

The back is now not only in metal. Some small-plastic grooves breaks the brushed metal-not completely clean, but the antennas must have some breathing holes.

A second, a disproportionate degree violently criticised the detail, is the camera’s optics, which juts out of the metal casing. The sticks a fraction of a millimeter longer than with 6 Plus and makes the iPhone 6 is not resting flat on a surface. The optics are, however, protected by extremely strong sapphire glass and therefore does not run the risk of the large, in addition to frayed OCD-nerves – these may, however, be alleviated with a cover.

All in all, the iPhone 6 a safe, minimalist design, maybe even bordering on the anonymous, but it is forgotten quickly at first grip, because the quality is reassuring. But when the iPhone 5 was almost a piece of jewelry is the iPhone 6 different practical in the term.

Buttons are now perfectly placed and oblong, delivers a secure, resolute ‘ click ‘ when activated. Apple’s Touch-ID home button is again present, and still just cunning. Your fingerprints are read in the same pressure as unlatch the lock screen. You can save multiple fingers and toes with Touch-ID, but unfortunately you can not assign specific functions to an imprint.

The speaker at the bottom is all well and good, but a muzzle hair under iPhone 6 Plus ‘ ditto. You will you instead against the supplied headset, the sound is certainly better, but you need to invest in a high-end headset for the best of the excellent audio processing like iPhone 6 possesses.


A sparkling display

When the screen is portrayed, up usability again at Headquarters. Instead of wrapping the billions of pixels on the screen, Apple is instead out to make the screen available.
With goals at 4.7 inch remains friendly to single-handed, and should an icon or menu reside just outside of thumb Totten’s reach, a double dot on the home button will bring the top down.

Screen resolution of 1334×750 pixels turn on no records, but it remains as Apple calls the ‘ retina ‘, sharp enough to melt together and get razor-sharp pixels at ordinary viewing distances. On the other hand, the screen up to the nose, is pressing you, want you eyes to the screen is not nearly as crisp as with rivals with full HD resolution.

Screwed up to full screen Blu rays display stronger than anyone else, and will be easy to decipher outdoors. At the same time ensure a high contrast and wide betragtningvinkler, the content seems to be glued on the surface of the glass.

The philosophy with less, but better, found in the monitor’s color palette. Instead of wild colors, rates Apple instead of the proper color rendering. The screen is velkalibreret and tuned in to the sRGB color standard, which means that images and photos look the same on other velkalibrerede screens, as iPad Air or Macbook Pro.

Mechanics unparalleled

Behind the screen and the minimalistic exterior saves iPhone 6 on bestial grumbling mechanics.

Technique the magazine sounds otherwise not particularly compelling: a dual-core at 1.4 GHz and 1 GB RAM. Not wildly exciting in comparison to many of basis quad-core and octa-core solutions, which spin at much higher frequencies.

But the processor is Apple’s own design, and contains a significantly different architecture that leans up against the one finds in laptops and PCs. The chip is dubbed the A8 and is to date the fastest our site has seen in a cell. As in iPhone 6 Plus blows it through all the tests, and ensure top rankings in all benchmarks.

It does however not that everything flies off on iPhone, Apple prefers soft, linde animations and it infuses the experience, everything takes place in a controlled pace.

On the other hand, firing up the heavy tasks like 3D games, Liverpool iPhone 6 op. graphics are impressive for a smartphone, while the effects and graphics will play in the highest quality steps.

Batteries in iPhones are traditionally less in their Android rivals, partly because the screen was smaller, but also because Apple largely manages to optimize iOS for their own hardware. Nevertheless, awakens with his 1810 mAh battery iPhone 6 concern, as only 16% greater than in 5S. The phone main stream swallows, screen, on the other hand, are 38% higher.

Fortunately, Apple makes the fear to shame. iPhone 6 sipper way squarely to the battery and manages to stay alive in a day and a half under ordinary use. A natural consequence know less battery is that it is charging tjept of less than two hours.

Prospects are long to the next ladestop, there is no power saving mode, but you can with great advantage turn down the the brightest screen, and press an extra half-day operation out of the iPhone 6.

The little battery makes it also good in games where even heavy 3D games, like Real Racing 3 and 4 ½ hour, XCOM to draining battery power.

Voice quality in iPhone 6 convinces also. With a noise-canceling MICS, a good coverage and even support for voice over WiFi iPhone 6 users will rarely Miss calls.

Same good network rates prevailing on 3 g and 4 g front. iPhone 6 shall promptly forward to the faster 4 g frequencies, even in areas with questionable coverage.


IOS in large

With the new iPhone will also be a new iOS version: iOS 8. This year introduces Apple now is not some wild visual changes. Instead, save the software update on many features, which gives the whole iPhone experience a boost.

First Visual progress is a direct consequence of the larger screen area: there is now room for an extra set of icons. Prefer you monitor’s Division into the smaller iPhone, you can resort to the zoom function and your iPhone turns into an enlarged iPhone 5.

For the smallest hands can the larger size make it difficult to reach the remotest icons on and off. This problem fixes Apple, by introducing ‘reachability’, a light dobbelttap on home button that brings the top icons down the thumb height.

Lacing apps, devices, and families together

One of the greatest, but at the same time most subtle changes in iOS 8 can be found in the ‘ continuity ‘ and ‘ extensions ‘. Where Apple’s applications such as Photos or Safari previously only talked to a few selected apps, lets Apple now third parties come to with their solutions.

For example, the keyboard can now be switched out with competing solutions from Swiftkey or Swype.Photos can be extended with third-party editing tools and Safari can take advantage of features from other apps like URf.eks. 1Password or Awesome Screenshot, which brings easy and secure storage of passwords, or takes screen dumps of entire websites.

The family is well anchored in the Apple ecosystem, brings iOS 8 economies of scale. Purchased applications, books, movies and music can be shared with family and is easier for parents to manage.That can simultaneously create accounts with limited access, so expensive app-or in-app purchases can be avoided.


Health and mobile payment – it comes

iPhone 6 integrates at last NFC, but you can already now forget about to pair your wireless speakers or your camera via a simple bump. The NFC chip is reserved for Apple’s mobile payment solution, Apple Pay.

Payment with the iPhone is possible, but only when the feature rolled out by iOS 8.1 update. In the first place will be the only Americans who get pleasure from Apple Pay, but the mood in the American retail is predominantly positive around the simple solution that matches your credit card with the iPhone.

The solution is straightforward. Take a picture of your credit card and they both are stored encrypted and are matched with your fingerprint. The function is not without limitations, for the omission of the NFC features Queering a wide payment solution across platforms.

Apple’s Health is not any training-app as Endomondo or tracker app which Moves. Apple Health should rather be seen as a virtual logbook that holds your data from your health, workout, diet or health apps.

The benefit here is that your data is saved locally and can be shared app and app in a while. Health also collects data from the iPhone’s built-in sensors that measure steps, number of bestegne floors and distance travelled.

Always plunk ready camera

iPhone 6 holds the Apple now calls the ‘ Focus ‘ Pixels ‘. Some pixels on the sensor whose only task is to ensure proper and fast focusing. And it works. Without quantifying it, Apple manages to distance all competitors from Samsung, Nokia, LG and Sony when it comes to the focus.

The camera in the iPhone 6 offers only at 8 Megapixels, a modest number, when now rivaller can boast more than twice as many pixels. Apple reasoning is not unlike the HTC use in their cameras. Here should be fewer, but better pixels.

The individual pixels sucks 80% more light than the højopløste Android-rivaller – a move that ensures less noise in images, especially when the light is in short supply.

Eventually allows the fewer pixels to Apple’s A8 processor can manipulate the individual picture elements, with all its power, and rectify noise, merge both long and short exposure times, assembling panoramic photos on over 40MP, but also add HDR effects in real-time.

The many grip makes iPhone 6 for an amazing photo machine. Both indoor and outdoor are images veleksponerede, colors are both natural and saturated.

Even when the images are kept up against the opponents ‘ højopløste cameras carries the philosophy of quality over quality fruit. The lens is sharp all the way to the edges, and distances, for example, Sony’s Z3 with its 20 megapixel strong sensor.

In low light is the iPhone 6 is really only overtaken by its big brother. It has an optical image stabilization that allows four times longer exposure times, giving more light to work with, and thus less noise in the photos – so long as the subject does not touch on it in a quarter of a second.

Simple but brilliant software

Apple’s camera app is also unparalleled.

Apple is to be welcomed in order to integrate features such as belongs to the advanced cameras and make them infinitely simple in use. Change of exposure is no longer tucked away in endless menus, but requires just a slide up or down to make pictures lighter or darker.

The same applies in the video portion where the focus follows the faces and automatically knows how to change focus when the subject touches on it.

In the end, may be videotaped by 240 frames per second, which gives 10 x slow-motion. Function slows the time by half than its predecessor, which gives the Matrix-like effects and evokes life in even the autumn boring designs.

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?

The question has an obvious answer: select the major that suits you best. But be prepared at a little getting used to with the iPhone 6 Plus due to its large corpus. There must be added to the device you choose will shape your smartphone use.

With 6 Plus you will be more inclined to use it as a pocket computer, the larger format invites you to write more emails, glo more Netflix or play more games than the smaller iPhone 6. Which phone or camera is on the other hand, more convenient, faster iPhone 6 to operate and come rarely in the road.

In addition to the differences in usage, weights and measures is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus almost identical.However, there are some subtle differences that are worth noting:

  • Screen: in addition to size, Plus a slightly sharper (401 PPI against 326 PPI). the iPhone 6 is slightly brighter
  • Operating time: 6 Plus Live 10-20% longer on a charge, but is also considerably longer to recharge (2 hours vs. 3 ½ hours)
  • Camera: The optical stabilization ensures better images in the night hours. Under the video recordings is the iPhone 6 ‘s digital stabilization as good as optical.
  • Software: some applications get split-screen on the larger screen. IOS 8, however, is easier to use with a hand on the smaller iPhone 6.
  • Price: iPhone 6 is 800.0-kroner cheaper

A polished nugget of a phone

Comparing iPhone 6 with last year’s iPhone 5S is a success across the Board. Apple iPhone 6 manages to enlarge all grades from 5 ‘ eren without ever being bloated.

The design is more conservative, but at the same time more useful. Quality and finish, on the other hand, is just as towering as with the predecessors.

The screen, performance and operating times receives all a significant boost. At the same time when the price is lower than at last year’s launch, I must therefore dig me to the bottom of retailing, to find something to criticize in iPhone 6.

With the skeptical glasses placed on the nose, one could wish for longer run time, a little more compact footprint and a camera that does not protrude out. The price can of course always bear to be lower and Apple’s NFC-contempt annoys.

In practice, however, rarely pulls it down into daily use, iPhone and iOS 8 6 play excellent together, App-store is usually first with new apps and games, and the camera is unparalleled.

The transition to the larger format is therefore an unqualified success, Apple’s iPhone 6 runs therefore with our site top rated: 6 stars.

Apple iPhone 6 coming in colors of silver, gold or space grey, with either 16, 64 or 128 GB storage. Find the best price on the iPhone 6 on our site.